Corporate responsibility

Etteplan’s business is based on the principles of corporate responsibility. Ensuring the competitiveness of our customers’ products, securing continued employment for our personnel and creating financial added value for our shareholders are the goals that guide our business. 

Social responsibility: The Group employed 2,074 experts at the end of 2015. Etteplan is a major employer in Finland and Sweden, two countries in which we have extensive networks of offices. In Finland, Etteplan has offices in 23 locations, with a further 12 offices in Sweden. Over 90 per cent of our experts work in Finland outside the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Financial responsibility: We develop our business with a long-term approach and look after its growth and profitability. This is how we can best bear our financial responsibility towards our shareholders, personnel, customers and partners. In 2015, our business grew by 7.0 per cent, while profitability improved to 20.0 per cent.

Environmental responsibility: The environmental impacts of our business are moderate, and we set environmental goals and targets for our operations. In addition to the energy required for normal office work, our environmental footprint is caused by business travel, which we have significantly reduced by utilizing electronic meeting technology.

Etteplan’s business has a strong foundation in the principles of sustainable development. Sustainable product design takes into consideration the product’s full life cycle environmental footprint: from raw materials to production, product use and disposal or recycling. Etteplan’s technical documentation solutions are environmentally friendly and reduce the need for printed materials, as manuals and instructions can be distributed to maintenance and service personnel electronically.

Etteplan’s environmental responsibility

Etteplan implements its environmental responsibility in both direct and indirect ways. Our direct influence occurs through customer assignments when we develop environmentally friendly technologies and clean-tech products for our customers, or use engineering solutions to contribute to the energy-efficiency of customers’ equipment, machinery and production facilities.

Etteplan’s indirect environmental influence occurs through improved product safety, reliability and product compliance. Professional engineering analysis, simulation and testing ensure that products satisfy the requirements laid out in legislation and directives.

Etteplan operates in compliance with the standards specified in the ISO 14001 environmental system. The goals of our environmental policy are:

  • to minimize the environmental load caused by our own operations
  • to train our personnel to recognize the environmental impacts of their work
  • to improve workplace safety and create a healthy work environment
  • to help our partners observe responsibility in environmental matters
  • to maintain open communications with customers, the authorities and other key stakeholders.