Etteplan has set the standard in engineering design for 30 years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of engineering design and methods as well as new business models. For example, we anticipated the needs of our customers by being the first Nordic operator in the industry to open an office in China. The first productized services in the field of engineering design improve the efficiency of our customers’ operations and the competitiveness of their products. In 30 years, we have grown from a small engineering firm in a small town in Southern Finland into a global engineering company with top-class expertise and the most competitive service solutions in the industry.

  Etteplan was founded by four engineering company entrepreneurs: Ensio Juotasniemi, Tero Elomaa, Tapani Mönkkönen and Esko Poltto. The initial component of the company name – Ette – originates from the initials of their first name.  
  Etteplan’s first loan was needed to buy a computer. In 1985 it came to cost FIM
320 000 (approximately
EUR 54 000).
  A new business model was introduced in 1998 when Valmet and Etteplan agreed on the transfer of 30 designers to Etteplan. Almost 500 designers in total have been transferred to Etteplan through outsourcings.
  Etteplan was listed on NM-list of Helsinki Exchanges in April 2000. Soon after the listing the company’s international operations department was established.
  Competence base has been broadened in the 21st century by acquisitions especially in Finland and Sweden. The company became a significant partner e.g. to the aerospace and defense industry and medical equipment manufacturers.
  Etteplan was the first Nordic engineering design company to establish an office in China. We have already served more than 120 customers in China.
  Since 2009 Etteplan has gradually moved towards high value-added services and solution business.
The change of business model enables growth and profitability.
  Etteplan is an industry forerunner in the development of advanced engineering methods and productized services. The services utilize the latest technologies and tools.