Key facts

• Founded in 1983, Etteplan is a specialist in industrial equipment engineering, embedded systems and IoT and technical documentation solutions and services.

• Market leader in Finland and among the largest operators in the field in Sweden.

• Industry forerunner in providing productized services to increase the efficiency of engineering work.

• Versatile and in-depth expertise in engineering areas, methods, technologies and customer industries.

• The largest and first Nordic company providing engineering and technical documentation services in China.

• One of the largest companies in Europe providing technical documentation solutions.

Customers are leading global manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery.

• Revenues have increased from 62 million EUR in 2004 to 183.9 million EUR in 2016.

• Shares in Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. (ETTE) since 2000.

• Some 2,500 design engineers and specialists, of whom about 1,700 in Finland, 410 in Sweden, 230 in China, 90 in the Netherlands, 80 in Poland and 30 in Germany.

• Places of business: Finland (28), Sweden (12), the Netherlands (2), China (3), Germany (2), Poland (1), the United States (1) and representation in Russia.