Vision, growth target, strategy and values


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Growth target

Etteplan’s target is on average 15 per cent annual revenue growth. The Company’s strategy is built on its strengths and opportunities to take advantage of the trends affecting the engineering industy.

Organic growth is based on the following focus areas in business:

  • Growth in key accounts: Etteplan seeks organic growth by growing its current key accounts.
  • Revenue growth through high value-added services:  Etteplan’s key strategic goal is to leverage the competitive advantage derived from high value-added Managed Services, and to increase their share of total revenue.
  • Growth in the sales of technical documentation solutions:  The Company’s technical documentation service solutions are unique in its field.
  • Growth in business operations in China: Etteplan has developed operating models that make it easy to relocate engineering and technical documentation work to China. In addition we leverage the fast growing Chinese domestic markets.
  • Development and growth of IoT services: Etteplan’s ioT services, combined with engineering services and technical documentation solutions, give the Company a significant competitive advantage in the market.



The goal of Etteplan’s strategy is to grow company value by utilizing the changes taking place in the business environment and by seizing the opportunities thereof. The four cornerstones of the strategy are:

Customer Focus: Long-lasting and trustful customer relationships are valuable capital for Etteplan. Growing current customer relationships further by offering larger and more comprehensive services is an important strategic goal for Etteplan.

Service solutions: Etteplan is an industry forerunner in providing productized engineering services. The service products are based on in-depth and versatile understanding of engineering processes and their development. The goal of the service products is to generate cost savings to customers and to improve efficiency of the different stages of the engineering processes. Etteplan focuses heavily on developing service products as part of its strategy.

Engineering methods: By engineering methods we mean methodologies, practices and processes that are deployed in engineering work. Etteplan’s goal is to be a market leader in the development of advanced engineering methods. State-of-the-art engineering methods bring quality and cost savings to customers as engineering operations become more efficient.

One Etteplan: As a result of business acquisitions and positive growth development Etteplan’s operations have in recent years expanded geographically and the service offering has grown. The development of internal processes and utilization of synergies is an important strategic goal for the company. The development of operations will also create development opportunities for the personnel in a global business environment.



The values that we cherish in our work are:

  • Customer-oriented
  • Proactive
  • Attractive