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Published: 10.08.2017 - 15:36:51
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Etteplan's Embedded Systems and IoT business unit helps customers innovate and implement new digital business models. According to Jaakko Ala-Paavola, Technology Director, the working method is characterized by agility, as well as start-up attitude. New business models, new customers, new markets and the utilization of new technologies are the objectives of the unit. 

Jaakko Ala-Paavola is very familiar with the possibilities of industrial internet, since he is also a member of the TEKES Industrial Internet program’s strategic steering committee. 

"We provide comprehensive expertise throughout the whole chain of industrial internet: implementation of all parts of the system from the sensors to the cloud. Our sensory information processing analytics responds to the business process needs. Typically, we start from a pilot project. Based on the results of the pilot, we estimate the added value to the  business. In other words, we are involved in the innovation from the beginning, and we assist in  finding new markets”, Chief Technology Officer and Head of IoT unit Jaakko Ala-Paavola says. 


True IoT competence is measured by the device development 


Technology is not at the center of industrial internet. What is essential is a new way of thinking about devices and applications. While the traditional product development focuses on the implementation of identified products, the industrial internet development is often about searching for new products and business models. Ala-Paavola believes that genuine IoT expertise is based on who can develop and deliver both the physical device and the cloud integration and create both the necessary analysics and business benefit. 

"Industrial Internet is not only for  machine construction and electrical engineering domains, as you often hear people saying. For example, last week we started an IoT project for a company in the infrastructure and building automation business. It's great to see what kind of  business enabling applications we will find in the future", Jaakko says. 


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When the company set out to find a product development partner, its objective was clear: it wanted to improve the usability of a tonometer (internal eye pressure measurement device) which was on the market. It was also important to ensure the accuracy of the results of measurement made at home.

SKS Automaatio

SKS Automaatio has taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things and digitalized the monitoring of industrial machines and processes. The IoTKey service developed by the company is a comprehensive platform for machine and process monitoring and the preventive maintenance of equipment. Etteplan is a technology partner in the product development project.

Etteplan’s smart farming IoT solution runner-up in Tele2 IoT Challenge

Etteplan has developed a solution, which brings IoT (Internet of Things) into farming, making fields to talk and tell when they need water and fertilizers. This enables farmers to increase their productivity in an easy and cost efficient way. The Etteplan Smart Fields system, developed by Marcus Carlberg and his team from the Etteplan Gothenburg office, won the second prize in the prestigious Tele2 IoT Challenge, where there were 135 participants from 28 countries.

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