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Hello! Meet your new colleagues

We unite some of the brightest, most talented and diverse engineering experts in the world. Brainy people who want to make a difference and are obsessed with problem solving. Many are holders of B.S. or M.Sc. degrees in engineering or even PhDs in various technical subjects. Whether you are an experienced expert or just getting started, your unique point of view is valued. And, of course, learning on the job is a vital part of all professional development here.

Our age distribution is relatively balanced, and we’re happy to recruit both senior-level experts as well as younger talents, including recent graduates. The most important thing for us is a positive “can do” attitude to innovating and working together.

"During my childhood, I spent a lot of time drawing, but I really found my niche when I studied Technical illustration and Computer graphics in Eskilstuna from 1996 to 1999. Since then I have gathered experience as an illustrator in architecture, the vehicle sector, and in consumer goods. Products I have worked on include housing, cars, trucks, furniture, chain saws and lawn mowers. I started at Etteplan in 2014, and have since then worked on medtech produts and consumer goods and with the steel industry.

Etteplan is a solid actor on the market, and I was offered a position where I had freedom and responsibility. I work with a wide array of customers with interesting and varied products. Having worked on varied assignments in many areas, I have learned to meet the customer’s needs in technical information regardless of the technical area or the product. As an illustrator, you know how to produce clear, good, and relevant pictures, even though the products differ.

In the role as consultant, it is important to be an effective listener, in order to understand what the customer needs and wants. It is important to have a solution based mindset, and a large toolbox, in order to solve the customer’s problems in the best way."

Started at Etteplan in January 2013

"I studied at Karlstad University where I got my Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Technology. After graduation I stayed in Karlstad where I worked for some time, but not for long, before I decided to try something different and applied for a position at Etteplan in Gothenburg. What interested me in the particular position, “Vehicle Climate Control Engineering”, was the combination of climate systems, in which I already had experience, and cars, which I had come to find very exciting. I have always been interested in the functionality of things; what causes natural phenomena, the construction of technical devises and such.

During my second year at Etteplan I helped developing specialized equipment for testing and evaluating air conditioning systems in cars. Following the project I was asked to take on the role as department manager, which I happily did.  My work as department manager includes leading a team and finding new and interesting assignments for us. I often gain insight in, for me, new technical areas, which is something I enjoy a lot. A current example is a project with a new customer who works in Medicinal Technology and which I find most interesting to be a part of!

Working at Etteplan there are many possibilities for personal development and increased responsibilities. I am happy to see that these opportunities are often offered to graduates and as I quite recently graduated myself I appreciate all the support I have received from the management!"

"I have a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Sustainable Energy Systems. Working at Etteplan, my assignments has varied a lot. I manage a number of parallel projects and one day’s work may differ a lot from the next, which is much appreciated. Combining in-house projects, where the main part of the activities are located at Etteplan, with consultancy assignments, where I support the customer at their office, is a way of working that I find very attractive. Etteplan is a large company that offers great opportunities and at the same time allowing me to be flexible. The open climate and close relations between employees and managers are characteristics for the company.

Being a consultant I have developed an ability to comprehend technical contexts, in areas where I have no previous experience, in a quick manner. I also find it rewarding to have the opportunity of being involved in a project all the way from start to end, which includes initiation, execution, closing, and follow-up. Working in this manner has led to a better understanding of projects overall and, equally important, the critical aspects of transparency to the customers. As a consultant I find it important to be cooperative, curious, and communicative. I also consider it essential to see the bigger picture even in demanding situations."

"I was born in Johannesburg, South-Africa, where I also received my university degree in aircraft engineering. I moved to Finland in 2011 and to find a job to match my education didn’t seem to be that easy. A friend advised me to send an open application to Etteplan. Within one week I had a job as a Supply Manager in a customer’s delivery project in Hyvinkää.

In concrete terms I’m coordinating the customer’s Engineer-to-Order projects, where the product is customized to meet the end customer’s requirements. The switch from aircraft engineering to managing complex global  industrial delivery projects was challenging, but a great proof that you can learn almost anything if you are motivated. I really like my work: it is challenging and you learn a lot about the products and engineering in general.

I very much appreciate Etteplan’s flexibility and the level of trust given when it comes to responsibility at work or arranging working hours. The work life balance at Etteplan is excellent, which means a great deal to me."

"In 2010, I started at Etteplan as a part-time employee next to my engineering studies. When I graduated I was offered an interesting job in the strength calculation team at Etteplan’s office in Lappeenranta.

As an engineer in strength calculation, I make sure that the customers’ products are durable and dimensioned according to standards. In my job, I particularly like that I am in a direct interface with the customers and that I work on projects independently. It is rewarding to get to have an impact on the success of customers’ product development and delivery planning projects.

It is great to learn about customers’ products, as they are interesting and represent the very top of the industry. At Etteplan, I feel that I have a chance to become a top professional within my industry. This is supported by our vast and versatile customer base as well as the responsibility and support given by the employer."

"By chance, while studying electrical engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology, I got into technical translation and documentation. I began by founding my own translation company, and since 2004, I’ve worked in technical communications at several companies. Technical documentation allows me to combine my interests in both technology and communications.

This is my third year at Etteplan. My primary role is a specialist in Simplified Technical English (STE), which is a controlled version of English for technical documentation. I train and support my Finnish colleagues in STE and our specialised STE software tools, and also support our STE services in Sweden and China. I also create user manuals and service instructions for our customers.

My varying tasks keep my job really interesting. I enjoy working with my talented documentation and engineering colleagues and using our advanced documentation tools."

Tuija Hyvättinen

“I came to Etteplan as I was interested in versatility of the work and the possibilities to work with different customers. These things further enhance my competence. It has been easy to work at Etteplan. I work currently with an assignment in customer’s premises and things towards Etteplan have gone smoothly. Information flow has functioned well.”