Embedded Systems & IoT

We develop and implement demanding embedded device and IoT solutions for our customers, with smart machines and devices communicating with one another and transmitting data and information across the Internet. Our customers are often faced with the challenge of developing a service based on a new business model and making use of the opportunities offered by digitalization.

Our strength as their IoT partner lies in the holistic understanding of the business model and technology solution suited to their situation. Our solutions make use of analytics and help customers make business decisions based on facts and information.

Read more about our embedded systems and IoT solutions here.

LoRa (Long Range) is a low power and wide area radio network technology for Internet of Things. Learn more about the open LoRa network here.

Read more about our wireless network solutions based on LoRa here. 

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Technical innovations

Jaakko Ala-Paavola 
+358 44 755 2936

Embedded devices and software in Finland 

Kalle Mannonen, Espoo
Tel. +358 40 735 8787

Tero Leppänen
Tel. +358 40 595 5238

Embedded devices and software in Sweden

Erica Dahlberg, Linköping
Tel. +46 70 553 26 95

Tobias Dubois
Tel: +46 730 323 318

Embedded devices and software in Poland

Maciej Sibinski
Tel. +48 668 181 511

Industrial internet and software solutions

Anssi Kuoppala
Tel. +358 50 522 8698

Production testers 

Teppo Välisaari
Tel. +358 44 755 2946

Data Acquisition and Control

Timo Vallgren
Tel. +358 50 395 1944

Laboratory services
Ismo Kaastinen
Tel. +358 400 868000

Senior Vice President, Embedded Devices & IOT services

Kari Liuska
Tel. +358 40 756 0285