Etteplan’s competencies in the field of automation include:


Machine automation

Etteplan provides a full range of services for industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers to develop and manufacture machines in the most efficient way. Our solutions meet the highest safety requirements and are developed using the latest tools and technologies. Thanks to Etteplan’s modular software and hardware engineering design, the components can be easily reused making it a cost-efficient solution for the customer.

Our expert services include control systemssoftware and electrical engineering, testing, assembly supervision and commissioning services.


Process automation

Etteplan’s process automation services help customers maintain high performance and productivity of their industrial processes. We are a one-stop-shop for our customers providing comprehensive turn-key projects involving electrical and automation system design, electrical engineeringsoftware development commissioning and project management services.

Our extensive knowledge in engineering design is supported by in-depth expertise in the latest automation systems such as DCS (distributed control systems) and QCS (quality control systems).

Our instrumentation and automation services include the design of manufacturing execution systems, process and field instrumentation as well as process automation software design. We also provide supervision and commissioning services as well as factory and system acceptance testing services.


Factory automation 

Etteplan has high-level competence in the field of industrial robotics used in automated production cells and production lines. We are also experts in designing other automation solutions for the production lines of the manufacturing industry.

We have the capability to provide automation services for the entire production line requiring highest functional safety.

Our expert services include control systemssoftware and electrical engineering, testing, assembly supervision and commissioning services.


Automation for vehicle and transportation industries

Etteplan has in-depth expertise in designing and programming automation systems in traffic controls and transportation industries to meet the highest requirements for safety, productivity, eco and cost-efficiency.

Etteplan’s knowledge in functional safety methods can be seen in numerous high-performance and safety critical products including trains and other transportation vehicles.


Traffic control and tunnel automation systems

Etteplan designs systems for traffic control and road tunnels including solutions for variable speed limits, indicator boards, traffic lights, road barriers as well as control room solutions. We have also extensive expertise in designing advanced control systems for lights, ventilation and heat as well as smoke vending in tunnels.

Our services in traffic control and tunnel automation range from feasibility studies and specifications to detailed engineering and commissioning services. Etteplan’s comprehensive engineering design services comprise electrical, software and data communications solutions.

One of Etteplan’s reference projects in the area of tunnel automation systems is the E18 Muurla-Lohja motorway with 7 tunnels for the Finnish Road Administration. (Link in Finnish only



To learn more about Etteplan’s services and expertise in automation, please contact:

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