Control systems

Etteplan helps its customers design, develop and commercialize machinery, equipment and systems in the areas listed below. With its extensive automation knowledge, Etteplan is able to serve its customers in all required areas of control system engineering.


Electrical design for control systems

Etteplan offers electrical design services for the control systems of machinery and equipment. The electrical design covers all sub-areas of the equipment, from main electrical circuits to the control circuits in subsystems and modules, including safety-related parts. Our designs comply with the special demands of the market area in question and with product-specific safety standards. For products in series production our design goals also include modularity, high reliability and serviceability.

Our expert services further include choosing and measuring materials and electrical components, as well as safety engineering for these, and comprehensive documentation.


Hardware design for control systems

Hardware design for control systems focusses on the layout design of modules, control units and enclosures and on the cost-effective implementation of the cabling and harnesses they contain. Other areas of hardware design include, for example, reliability engineering, thermal and EMC engineering, serviceability, and guidance in production assembly and testing.

Etteplan’s design services additionally cover test planning and test equipment for modules and control units.


Electro-mechanical design

Etteplan has in-depth knowledge of the electro-mechanical design of electronic equipment, control units and equipment enclosures. Some examples of design sub-areas are product-specific encasing solutions, the mechanics of equipment enclosures and control units, cooling profiles, EMC protection and ventilation solutions.

Other design sub-areas are IP Ratings, protective grounding and electrical shielding, and taking the demands of environmental conditions (heat, moisture, corrosion, ATEX) into consideration.

Thanks to Etteplan’s extensive expertise in designing electronics and printed circuit boards, the company is able to serve its customers in all required areas of electro-mechanical engineering.


Testing automation

Etteplan offers design and implementation services for testing automation. Testing automation applications can relate to, for example, reliability and lifetime testing of products, components or materials. Other examples include testing systems and simulators to support product development.

Etteplan additionally designs and implements production test equipment and the related automation and data acquisition systems. Functional testers are one example of production test equipment. 


Data acquisition systems

Etteplan plans and implements customer-specific data acquisition systems. Etteplan’s certified LabVIEW developers can assist customers in the specification, design and implementation of challenging data acquisition and test applications. Etteplan is an Alliance Partner of National Instruments. 



For more information about Etteplan’s automation services and expertise, please contact:

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