Engineering management

Etteplan has extensive expertise in multiple engineering areas, methods and domain industries. Etteplan’s value as partner for engineering management services is based on our experts´ ability to apply this interdisciplinary knowledge. As a forerunner in the development of engineering methods Etteplan’s almost 2 000 experts work in knowledge networks to actively develop best practices and methods to add value to customers’ products and processes.

Etteplan serves industrial customers who seek cost-efficiency and quality improvements by means of process and method development. We help customers develop and ramp-up new processes and implement new engineering methods and tools. We also provide high-level project management experts to customers’ projects either in-house or at customer premises.

Etteplan’s engineering management services are based on the notion of top-down methodology, which can be easily applied to any type of process and organization:



Figure: Process defines how we work together. All critical processes should be defined, documented and continuously improved to achieve a target goal in e.g. lead time, process quality and efficiency. One of the most efficient ways to improve a process is to identify the value and waste and apply Lean Thinking principles for continuous improvement.

Methods can be applied to specific tasks and activities in a process. Methods are specific for different engineering areas and usually supported by tools. Method development focuses on efficiency and quality improvement. A great example is 3D modelling where process quality and engineering efficiency can be improved by parametric modelling.

Tools and technology. Do we use tools and systems properly and efficiently? People need to have proper skills and training in order to apply methods, tools and to work according to a process to improve lead time, quality and efficiency. 



Etteplan offers a variety of services in the field of engineering management:

1) Project management services

Etteplan has know-how to execute projects that meet the customer’s highest requirements for quality and efficiency. Our proven project management methods ensure that agreed deadlines and budgets are met and that project related risks are well managed.

Etteplan offers a variety of cooperation models according to the customer’s requirements. We provide for instance:

  • Comprehensive project management services as part of a project delivery.
  • A highly qualified project manager to manage customer’s project.
  • An expert to develop customer’s project management model and processes.
  • Training services tailored to customer’s specific needs.

2) Process and method development

Etteplan’s long expertise has accumulated to extensive knowledge and best practices in various fields of engineering and design. Hence our experts have domain specific knowledge to improve our customers’ product development and order-to-delivery processes to meet business objectives.
Our services include:

  • Development and modeling of customer’s engineering processes.
  • Method development (e.g. consultation in the implementation of 3D modeling methods).
  • Training services on new tools and methods (e.g. CAD/PDM/PLM systems).

3) Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM) services

Etteplan offers a variety of consulting services for product life cycle management:

4) Development of global engineering process

Etteplan helps customers identify and outsource engineering work that has traditionally been executed in-house. Our services include among other:

  • Definition of work packages in such a way that they can be easily transfered from one engineering unit to another.
  • Quality assurance of engineering when work is distributed among different geographical locations.
  • Knowledge and technology transfer with the help of efficient training and engineering process.
  •  Engineering services in Etteplan’s China units.

5) Other services:

  • Development of customer’s quality systems according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.
  • Assessment of customer’s product development or order-to-delivery process to document the current state and potential improvement areas. 



To learn more about Etteplan’s services and expertise in engineering management, please contact:

Juha Nieminen, tel. + 358 103 072 075 or email: juha.nieminen(at)
Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 or email: eric.tengstrand(at)