Systems engineering

Etteplan has a long track record in designing and managing complex engineering projects over their entire life cycle.

Etteplan’s experts have extensive experience in systems engineering requirements in several industries including aerospace and defense, transportation and vehiclemining and medical technology. Our services meet the highest requirements for cost-efficiency, quality and manufacturability.

Etteplan’s systems engineering competencies include:

  • System design and requirements management
  • Model Based systems engineering (MBSE)
  • System safety
  • Information security
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • System/product development projects
  • System integration
  • Project & Quality Assurance management
  • Verification and validation
  • Procurement assistance

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For more information, please contact:

Juha Nieminen, tel. + 358 103 072 075 or email: juha.nieminen(at)
Martin Zachrisson, tel. + 46 70 196 1175 or email: martin.zachrisson(at)

References and examples of assignments in systems engineering:

Test and validation of military C2 system

Test management, test analysis and testing of a military command & control system used for national and international tasks, for example, by the Swedish ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

Integrated logistics Support (ILS) for Air Defense Center

Logistic support analysis for the combat management and air defense center (StriC). The work encompassed ILS requirements specifications, drafting of maintenance agreements, ILS strategies and carrying out of maintenance preparations for maintenance schedules.

System co-ordination of air combat forces

Etteplan produced for the customer, the Swedish Air Force, a model in Enterprise Architect to coordinate personnel, organization issues as well as methodologies and technologies. The assignment included also review of methodology, aviation consulting, requirements management and technical analysis.

Configuration management of helicopter system NH 90

Production of new configuration management system, managing work in CCB (Configuration Control Board), handling changes and providing deviation management in the project`s configuration management tool.

Security Classification Guides

Production of Security Classification Guides for the JAS39 Griffin fighter.

Quality assurance management and configuration management

Quality assurance planning and reviews of supplier quality assurance work, including planning the configuration management for the project to upgrade the Swedish Visby corvettes.

Technical procurement specialist service - Government VIP airplane

Project management for an international procurement project involving a new VIP airplane for the Swedish Government. The assignment included, for example, system definition, system safety analysis and certification. Etteplan was also responsible for the hand-over and commissioning of the airplane, including the equipment.

System formulation and system safety for helicopter

Systems engineering assignment involving modification of a military helicopter system for international assignments. The tasks included comprehensive requirements management, system formulation (design), specification, system safety analyses, integration and certification. The helicopter system is used in national and international operations, for example, by the Swedish ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

Project management: compliance with REACH environmental ordinance

Project management in a project to adapt the operations of a major automotive manufacturer according to the REACH environmental legislation of the EU. The assignment included an analysis on how REACH affects the company, training of the personnel, as well as creating guidelines to support the company in complying with the legislation.

Project Management CATIA Upgrade

Etteplan was responsible for project management in a project where design and production systems of a major industrial manufacturer were upgraded to CATIA. The work included replacement of servers and upgrading of platform software involving an internationally distributed CAD system.

Production of protection profile for Swedish civil contingency agency

The customer commissioned Etteplan to produce a protection profile for USB memories in accordance with common criteria for the Swedish civil contingency agency (MSB).

Review of security solutions of the Swedish police's IT system

Review of the Police`s IT system in terms of information security requirements.