Verification and validation

Etteplan has advanced verification and validation expertise and provides comprehensive services for customers in multiple industries including vehicle and transportation, telecommunication and electronics industries to name a few. Etteplan has industry- leading expertise in:

Etteplan has over 10 years’ experience in developing testing software and hardware. Our test design engineers are certified, which guarantees that we retain and continuously develop a high level of competence. We have the capacity to deal with both large and small projects either at the customer’s or at our own premises. All our engineering work is developed by using the most common commercial tools such as National Instrument’s LAbView, TestStand, PADS, ProEngineering, and SolidWorks. 


R & D testing and product validation

Etteplan provides cost-efficient and high-quality testing for product hardware and software. Etteplan’s electrical, climate control and mechanical testing competencies and facilities are world class. 


Hardware and software testing

Etteplan is experienced in testing large software platforms as well as unique embedded systems such as motor drives, valves, power supplies, and medical devices to name a few examples.

We have 30 years’ experience in engineering design and product development, which gives us a strong knowledge base to test, measure and analyze a wide variety of products and industrial equipment.

By selecting Etteplan’s early phase testing services our customers can save costs, speed up the product development cycle and improve product quality significantly.

Etteplan can shorten the customer’s research and development time by providing temperature, voltage, functionality and many other types of testing and consulting services in Finland, Sweden and China.  


Climate control and mechanical testing

Etteplan’s unique combination of a software platform, advanced test equipment and in-depth expetise in testing and analysis gives us a competitive edge in climate control systems and mechanical testing.




Data Acquisition

Etteplan has developed its own software platform where verified software functions are compiled in a user friendly configuration environment. The platform enables us to quickly obtain measurement and control sequences in the system. Etteplan’s experts can therefore focus on constructing user friendly screen menus, databases and reports enabling the user to have quick access to the measurement results and analysis. 


Test equipment

Etteplan’s experts develop test equipment for customers with focus on the highest level of operational reliability and user-friendliness.. We can measure and control our test equipment directly via Internet or any communication network and simultaneously program the equipment to forward messages and information to a mobile phone or an e-mail address.

Our test equipment services include:

  • Impulse test machines
  • Customer adapted testing
    Etteplan manufactures customer adapted testing equipment for advanced product development and efficient production. We offer specially adapted test equipment for the vehicle and vessel industries. We are primarily specialized in equipment for Heat/Cold, Heat exchange, Flow, Current, Pressure, Force, Momentum, Lifetime and ageing.
  • Testing and Test Equipment for complete testing and analysis of HVAC system, for cooling agents R744 (CO2), R152a and R134a.  


Test and Analysis

To be able to understand the technology one works with, you need, in addition to in-depth theoretical knowledge, to understand and control the analysis processes in your daily work. This is what we do in our laboratory. Etteplan has developed unique test equipment, a large climate chamber and three rigs for A/C, heat exchange and after treatment of emissions. Etteplan has also developed a thermic dummy, a mobile data management system, and a patented oil recycling system to name a few of our inventions. We have the expertise to measure temperatures, pressure and flows in most conditions.

Etteplan’s competitive advantage is based on unique in-house developed testing equipment and methods. Etteplan’s experienced engineers have in-depth understanding of how to solve the most challenging requirements for optimal, efficient and environmentally friendly performance of products and machines.



Test system development

Etteplan designs and integrates turn key test system solutions for manufacturing and R&D purposes. As a one stop shop Etteplan can help reduce the customer’s total testing costs by utilizing the most advanced test methods starting from product concept and design phase to manufacturing transfer.

Etteplan’s expertise in product creation, design, electronics and software development topped with manufacturing and test engineering know-how are our key assets in creating value for our customers.

Etteplan’s test system development services include:

  • DFT & Test specification creation – Created in co-operation with product designers and aligned with product’s technical and quality requirements and budget.
  • Test mechanics design – Test jigs and fixtures, test adapters and interfaces
  • Test software development – Test cases, user interface development, database interfaces, instrument drivers
  • Electronics – Test supporting electronics, cabling design and transmission lines for high speed signals
  • Test system integration and set up – Wiring fixtures and test racks, assembly of instruments, set up systems.
  • Documentation – Training and operating manuals and other documentation of test systems done by technical information services
  • Training and consulting – Supporting factory engineers and operators during production, analyzing test results and making continuous improvement actions.
  • Maintenance and update services for test systems.  



For more information on Etteplan's verification and validation services, please contact:

Yanick Meunier, tel. +46 70 881 4855 or e-mail: yanick.meunier(at)
Iiro Aalto, tel. + 358 103 073 511 or e-mail: iiro.aalto(at)