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Etteplan DRAW - The smart way to high-quality manufacturing drawings

Etteplan DRAW is a service to produce high-quality manufacturing drawings from the customer’s 3D models. We support customers with continued services as well as with one-off development projects and consulting services.
Etteplan DRAW accommodates all needs for the production of manufacturing and engineering drawings in the R&D, order-to-delivery, and the service processes.

Our services include:

  • Drawings (3D to 2D drawings)
  • Customization (Engineer-to-Order drawings)
  • Change request (updates from production feedback)
  • As-built (updates from site feedback)
  • Asset (maintain asset drawings)
  • Conversion (CAD to CAD conversions)
  • Remodeling (2D to 3D)
  • Digitalization (paper to CAD format)
  • Localization of manufacturing drawings
  • Consultation (development of 3D modeling methodology)

Etteplan DRAW’s value is based on proven processes, competencies and Etteplan’s accumulated expertise that brings tangible value to the customer including:

  • Accelerated time-to-market thanks to concurrent engineering
  • Increased flexibility in engineering
  • Considerable cost savings due to Etteplan’s offshoring services in China.
  • Excellent manufacturability and quality
  • Harmonized modeling and engineering methods

Delivered as a Managed Service, Etteplan continuously improves the processes and methods for producing the manufacturing and engineering drawings. This will result in better engineering quality of the drawings as well as in shorter lead time of the engineering design process.

World’s leading companies such as Valmet, ABB, Outotec and Siemens have entrusted the production of manufacturing and engineering drawings to Etteplan. 

Download our brochure here.

For more information on Etteplan DRAW, please contact:

Finland: Juha Nieminen, tel. + 358 103 072 075 or e-mail:
Sweden: Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 or e-mail:
China: Frank Zhu, tel. +86 21 6480 4828 or email: frank.zhuning(at)

Etteplan INFO - The smart way to high quality technical
product information

Etteplan INFO is a full scale service to create, manage and deliver high quality technical product information such as user and installation manuals, operations and maintenance manuals, spare part catalogs and marketing and training materials. The value of Etteplan INFO is based on improved cost and process efficiency and customer support. High quality, user friendly technical documentation is key to increased usability of information and thereby also the safe use of equipment.

Etteplan INFO ensures that the client’s technical product information and documentation processes are professional, accurate and of a high standard. Etteplan’s clients receive valuable support and improvement ideas on how to increase productivity by renewing documentation practices and developing information strategies.

Major benefits of Etteplan INFO include:

Cost savings due to:

  • Shorter lead times in the production of documentation
  • Leaner processes for technical product information
  • Improved quality of materials
  • Standardized and harmonized content components that can be easily reused
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased efficiency in documentation management (e.g. updating and delivery)

Improved client/end-user satisfaction due to:

  • Accurate and reliable content
  • Coherent visual look and feel across all technical product information
  • User-friendly manuals that ensure the correct use of equipment, improved safety and better customer support

Clients who trust Etteplan’s technical product documentation services and Etteplan INFO include Sandvik Mining and Construction, John Deere Forestry, Metso Automation, Cargotec Kalmar Industries.

For more information on Etteplan INFO, please download our brochure here or contact:

Jukka Toimela, tel: +35 8 103 07 23 31 or e-mail: jukka.toimela(at)
Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 eller e-post:
Berry Braster, tel: +31 40 848 4050 or e-mail: berry.braster(at)
Winni Liu, tel. +86 512 3663 3526 or email: winni.liu(at)

Etteplan LEAN - The smart way to efficient engineering processes

Etteplan LEAN is a service to help clients establish a high-performance engineering function with predictable and high-quality engineering results and on-time deliveries.

Product orders requiring customization according to client specifications often constitute a major part of engineering and design work. When selecting Etteplan as a partner to take care of the recurring engineering projects in the order-to-delivery process, the client can focus on its core activities and business development.

Etteplan has the expertise to improve clients’ processes and implement industry standard best practices.  Etteplan LEAN is based on an efficient cooperation model to enforce engineering excellence.

Etteplan LEAN provides following engineering services related to the order-to-delivery process:

Order management services such as:

  • Order clarification and validation
  • Product configuration
  • Engineering orders
  • Technical and product support

Engineering services such as:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automation and software
  • Technical product information

In addition Etteplan provides support for a tendering process as well as verification and validation services to comply with customer and authority requirements.

Global companies like ABB Transformers, Kone and Outotec (Filters) trust Etteplan LEAN to improve delivery accuracy and cost efficiency of the order-to-delivery-process.

For more information on Etteplan LEAN, please download our brochure here or contact:

Juha Nieminen, tel. +358 103 07 20 75 or email: juha.nieminen(at)
Eric Tengstrand, tel. +46 70 757 7440 or email: eric.tengstrand(at)
China: Frank Zhu, tel. +86 21 6480 4828 or email: frank.zhuning(at)

Etteplan PARTS - The smart way to grow your spare parts and
service business

Etteplan PARTS is a service to create, distribute and maintain high-quality spare parts information to maximize revenues from the service business. To reach this goal it is paramount to have an efficient after sales process with accurate spare parts information.

The value of Etteplan PARTS is based on up to 60 % cost savings due to efficiency improvements in the catalogue production and distribution processes:

  • Shorter downtimes of machinery or equipment
  • Improved accuracy of spare parts ordering
  • Shorter lead times due to improved quality of spare parts information
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to shorter lead times in customer service
  • High machine uptime and productivity due to correct spare parts

Etteplan PARTS helps field mechanics and order handlers do their job efficiently: spare parts information is accurate and can be found easily in printed and online catalogues. Depending on the catalogue media, spare parts can be ordered directly from the catalogue, which minimizes erroneous orders and speeds up the order-delivery process.

Etteplan PARTS can be delivered to the customer as a full-scale Managed Service, where the entire process or just a part of it, including production and distribution of technical documentations is outsourced to Etteplan. Etteplan’s know-how in engineering design and methods combined with extensive expertise in technical product information ensure an efficient documentation process that produces world class technical content.

Etteplan’s satisfied customers include Cargotec, Sandvik, and John Deere Forestry, Agrifac, Hekuma, Stiebel Eltron and Claas.

Read here how we helped Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB create high-quality spare parts catalogs in shortest possible time.

For more information please download the Etteplan PARTS brochure here or contact:

Jukka Toimela, tel. +358 103 07 23 31 or email: jukka.toimela(at)
Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 or e-mail:
Berry Braster, tel. +31 40 84 84 050 or email: berry.braster(at)
Winni Liu, tel. +86 512 3663 3526  or email: winni.liu(at)

Etteplan DOC – The smart way to create and access service information

Etteplan DOC is a service to improve the efficiency of the customer’s service and maintenance business thanks to high-quality technical documentation and a mobile distribution system. The value of the service is based on the following benefits:

  • Up to 25% reduction in service time thanks to fast access to up-to-date technical product information
  • Up to 60% cost savings in creating maintenance, repair and operations information
  • Up to 40% decrease in word count resulting in cost savings in translation and localization

Etteplan DOC comprises content creation and publishing service and HyperSIS software to distribute information to the users such as customers, service personnel and dealers.

Etteplan’s service utilizes proven methods, which ensure that the customer’s technical documentation meet the highest safety and quality requirements and is unambiguous:

  • Simplified Technical English (STE) for clarity, consistency and reduction of the (English) source text.
  • Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI) to achieve single sourcing of high-quality (3D and 2D) and interactive illustrations.
  • Single Sourcing to maximize reusability of content
  • Topic-based authoring for consistent structure and content element coding.

With the help of the HyperSIS application, installed in a PC or tablet, the service mechanic can find all necessary service information and perform the service tasks efficiently on the spot. Even spare parts can be ordered online via the application to save time and to minimize errors in the order.

Example of Use Case

When a service mechanic is called for a maintenance task he opens the HyperSIS application on his tablet and scans the QR code of a machine with the tablet camera.

All necessary information appears on the tablet guiding the service mechanic to easily troubleshoot the defect.

Thanks to the visual and interactive 3D illustrations, all relevant information can be found quickly. Furthermore maintenance procedures and instructions are presented in a clear and visual way including animations.

The user can also order spare parts directly from the HyperSIS application to minimize the lead time of the service task and the arrival of spare parts.

For more information on Etteplan DOC services, please contact:

Global - Petri Ikonen; petri.ikonen(at)
Finland - Jukka Toimela; jukka.toimela(at)
Sweden - Eric Tengstrand; eric.tengstrand(at)
The Netherlands - Berry Braster; berry.braster(at) 
China: Frank Zhu - frank.zhuning(at)