Etteplan serves its customers in carrying out Engineer-to-Order projects as well as in developing their engineering processes and tools. The solid expertise of Etteplan’s personnel and the company’s experience in Engineer-to-Order services minimizes the lead times of projects and increases cost efficiency. We also assist our customers in making continuous improvement an integral part of their operations and engineering processes.

As products become more complicated, demand levels fluctuate and businesses expand, we offer flexibility and special expertise that is not always feasible for customers to acquire or maintain themselves.

Etteplan has expertise in various types of Engineer-to-Order projects, which could include:

  • Standard products that are implemented as a conventional Order Management process.
  • Product configurations, where engineering automation can be used to shorten lead times in order handling. We carry out customized product configurations also in China.
  • Customized products, in which the final product is designed according to the end-customer’s requirements, the applicable engineering standards and product-specific instructions. Some areas of the work can be carried out in China.
  • Customized product design, in which the solution, functionality and product structure are designed according to the requirements and needs of the end-customer.
  • Modernization, where the end-customer’s product or system in operative use is updated or renewed. Typically, it is necessary to verify and measure the properties and interfaces of the customer’s existing product prior to starting the engineering process.

Etteplan’s strength as an Engineer-to-Order partner is based on long-term experience, competence in engineering automation as well as product and customer industry expertise. Etteplan’s experts make use of 3D modeling technology (parametric modeling) in machine and equipment engineering in order to improve the cost efficiency and quality of the engineering process. We create comprehensive 3D models of our customers’ products to provide a basis for cost-effective engineering work.

Our experts also have broad experience in product development, and as a result, we are able to carry out challenging product development projects according to local official requirements and standards.

In addition to Engineer-to-Order services we produce the technical product information required for our customers’ products, such as operating, installation and maintenance manuals, and spare parts documentation. Etteplan’s methods for producing and distributing technical documentation create tangible benefits for our customers, for example in the form of cost savings resulting from improved quality, reusability of the material and a more efficient documentation process.


Delivery models

Engineer-to-Order projects are carried out in a way that best serves the customer:

  • as a project service, in which Etteplan is responsible for the project’s planning, resources and implementation.
  • as a continuous service, in which Etteplan takes full responsibility for the customer’s Engineer-to-Order project or part of it in accordance with the engineering area or scope of the work.
  • as a customized personnel solution.

To learn more about Etteplan’s Engineer-to-Order services, please contact:

Juha Nieminen, tel. + 358 103 072 075 or e-mail: juha.nieminen(at)
Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 or e-mail: eric.tengstrand(at)