Etteplan provides services to product development organizations in various customer industries. This cumulative experience of product development processes, technological know-how and application knowledge enables us to help customers with demanding product development challenges in all phases of the product development process.

Over the years Etteplan’s experts have also developed a profound understanding of the necessary success factors in a R&D projects and processes. Etteplan’s value as a product development partner is based on our comprehensive R&D services as well as on our ability to help customers in developing and achieving high performing R&D organization.


R&D service areas

A successful R&D organization requires a product and platform strategy, a systematic way-of-working, cross-functional activities and multi-disciplinary expertise and competences. Etteplan can help customers execute a concurrent engineering model by providing R&D services in various engineering design and technology areas. Our services can be delivered as turn-key projects or continued services or we can provide specific expertise that the customer does not have in-house.


  Product concept and platform development

New product development

Product care

Customized engineering design (Engineer-to-Order)

CAD/CAE and PDM/PLM system development

Process and method development


Delivery models

Etteplan provides various delivery models, each suiting a different customer need:

  • Turn-key projects, which can be comprehensive product development projects or a sub-projects.
  • Continued service where Etteplan takes the responsibility for a defined and repetitive work package in recurring product development projects.
  • Expert service, where Etteplan supports the customer’s project with special expertise, such as engineering analysis, regulatory services, CE-marking or battery technology expertise.
  • Consultancy service, where Etteplan provides consultancy, development and assessment. Service for concurrent engineering, project models, engineering processes, methods and tools.
  • Service product, where Etteplan provides a proven solution to accelerate the customer’s R&D and Product Care efficiency. Such a solution can be an innovation workshop (Etteplan INNO), a cost reduction and DFMA project (Etteplan CORE) or a solution in the area of Technical Product Information.
  • Offshoring, where Etteplan provides defined projects and work packages from its engineering units in China.


Engineering expertise in R& D projects

Etteplan has over 700 technical competences in different engineering areas, engineering methods as well as in systems and tools. Etteplan’s proven project management model, common license database and data security enable execution of multi-site projects.

Etteplan’s expertise, for instance, in engineering analysisbattery and climate and medical technology is world-class.

Etteplan’s quality management system covers ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as ISO 13485 for medical devices.



Examples of Etteplan’s R&D services:



Application development

Mechanical engineering

  • Transportation equipment: Project scope included system design, mechanical engineering, verification of the safety device, stress calculation, risk assessment, supervision of the first pilot delivery as well as documentation support

Testing and test equipment development

  • Software and hardware for performance test of hydraulic pumps
  • Ageing ball bearings in climatized environment
  • A/C test rig for development and testing of complete Air Conditioning systems for automobile

Control systems

  • Control cabinet. The project scope was to finalize and transfer to production a control cabinet used for heavy duty motion control. The project scope included sheet metal design, modularization and module design. Electrical design included wiring harness design and circuit diagrams. Production transfer included production feedback and change management.


  • Multiprocessor CPU board: Project scope was electronics design for multiprocessor CPU board including LON and CAN networks, printed circuit board design, power supply design, FMEA, EMC analysis, stress analysis, test software and functional testing.
  • ASIC conversion: Project scope was FPGA solution to replace old ASIC circuit with add-on satellite board including FPGA design, electronics design, production prototype, unit and integration testing.
  • Embedded control electronics: Development, design, testing and production ramp-up of digital control interface for electric screwdriver used in automotive assembly line.

For more information on Etteplan’s R&D services, please contact:

Juha Nieminen, tel. + 358 103 072 075 or e-mail: juha.nieminen(at)etteplan.com
Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 or e-mail: eric.tengstrand(at)etteplan.com