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With engineering units in China since 2004, Etteplan is the oldest and largest Nordic engineering design company operating in the Chinese market. Based on Etteplan’s established position, we have the technological and business expertise to solve most challenging engineering design, technology transfer and offshoring needs of our customers. We also provide technical product information and global item management services from our engineering units in China.

Etteplan’s high-quality services in China offer operational flexibility for Western companies under demand uncertainty as well improved cost-efficiency and competitiveness of customers’ products. For China based companies we provide full-scale engineering design services for all phases of the product life cycle.

Etteplan’s data security systems, quality assurance processes including high engineering quality are highly valued by both our local and Western customers in China.

Today we serve some 150 customers including Nordic and local companies. Customers utilizing Etteplan’s services in China include ABB, Valmet, Metso Power, Ensto, Vacon, Evac, Maillefer, Ensto, Husqvarna and Philips Lighting.

Our offices are located in Shanghai, Kunshan and Suzhou. Currently Etteplan employs more than 200 experts, who are renowned for high quality performance.



Engineering design and technical product information services produced in Etteplan’s units in Kunshan and Shanghai in China help customers improve competitiveness of their products. Etteplan has a proven track record in helping customers achieve operational flexibility combined with low cost engineering.

Expertise in advanced engineering methods and process knowledge are Etteplan’s key strengths in helping customers to decrease engineering design and manufacturing costs. Etteplan’s offering range from individual assignments, such as material procurement from China to comprehensive project deliveries.

Etteplan’s offshoring engineering services cover for instance mechanical engineering, electrical, automationelectronics as well as technical product information services. Etteplan has the capability to provide 24/7 service to customers operating globally for instance in the areas of global item management and technical product information.

Etteplan has successfully ramped up offshoring services for several customers. Based on Etteplan’s proven approach to build up the required competencies and train offshore engineering teams our customers are able to achieve the targets set for the engineering team performance even on a tight schedule.

Etteplan’s customers using offshoring services include globally operating Nordic companies like Outotec and ABB, Valmet, Metso Automation, Husqvarna, and Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery.


Technology transfer

Thanks to its proven track record in China and highly qualified local experts, Etteplan has technology and business experience to help customers transfer production and localize products to meet the Chinese manufacturing and market requirements. By engaging Etteplan in the technology transfer process, our customers are able to tap into considerable cost savings and growth opportunities of the Chinese market due to accelerated time-to-market and high quality operations.

Etteplan’s services range from individual assignments such as material procurement, localization of product design to establishing supply chain operations or ramping up engineering in China. We also support our customers with advanced engineering design services, technical product information, supplier search and quality assurance services.

Etteplan’s strengths lie in profound understanding of the Chinese market, local networks as well as effective recruiting and training processes, the benefits of which can be seen in high quality and accelerated return on investment. Etteplan has a proven track record in training local engineers on western quality culture and lowering thus customer’s operational risks.

Etteplan’s customers include Valmet, Metso Power, Evac, Maillefer, Husqvarna and Philips Lighting.

Quality assurance

Quality is one of the key issues for Western companies to attend to when setting up operations in China. Without proper quality assurance procedures and management, the targeted cost savings from low cost operations may easily be diluted by sub-par quality and overrun manufacturing deadlines.

Etteplan provides full range quality assurance services to customers who want to ensure top quality operations, but do not necessarily have the resources or expertise to do that on the spot. Etteplan has the capability of serving customers, who don’t have any operations in China, but who want to take advantage of the low cost sourcing opportunities. Etteplan’s local quality assurance engineers ensure high-quality operations at lowest possible cost freeing up customer’s time to focus on business development.

After localizing the manufacturing drawings to the Chinese standards and language, Etteplan’s engineers search for suitable suppliers, who are capable of manufacturing the items in question. In addition price levels are found quickly in order to help the customer make sound sourcing decisions. As part of the process Etteplan’s engineers make on-site visits to the supplier’s premises to do supplier auditing. The visits are followed by a detailed auditing report with recommendations to the customer.

During the production phase, Etteplan’s supplier quality engineers spend time at the supplier’s site monitoring the manufacturing process, quality and schedule. When necessary, the engineers help the supplier to solve quality issues in manufacturing or ensure that design changes are properly taken into production. The key tasks of Etteplan’s quality assurance services include ensuring fluent and constant communication between the customer and supplier.

Etteplan’s Supplier Quality Engineers have in-depth experience in local manufacturing conditions and culture as well as in western quality requirements, standards and methods to ensure the best possible outcome.

Companies using Etteplan’s quality assurance services include Valmet, Metso Power and Ensto.



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