Service information systems

Etteplan helps maximize the efficiency of the customer’s service business by efficient management of spare parts and service information. As products and service processes in the global market are becoming increasingly complex, it is essential to provide end-users such as service personnel, field service mechanics with accurate and relevant information efficiently and quickly.

Etteplan’s solution includes efficient content creation of service information as well as a distribution solution which leverages the latest mobile technologies such as the iPad. Etteplan’s software solution for service information system, HyperSIS, enables fast retrieving of information and ordering of spare parts regardless of the whereabouts of the service personnel. Viewing and selection of spare parts can be done by visual search based on 2D and/or 3D technology or text search using key words like part names, serial numbers or article numbers.

Etteplan’s experts help find the service information solution best meeting your needs. Contact us, if you:

  • Have challenges with the quality and accuracy of the service and spare parts information.
  • Need a quick and easy way of ordering of spare parts (online).
  • Want to save costs in spare parts catalogue creation and distribution.
  • Want to improve customer satisfaction with high-quality technical documentation.
  • Need to improve the efficiency of your service business and grow your service business.

Companies such as Agrifac, Claas KGaA mbH, Fri-jado, Hekuma, and Stiebel Eltron GmbH Co. KG are using Etteplan’s services for efficient service information.



For more information on Etteplan’s Service Information System services, please contact:

Jukka Toimela, tel. + 358 103 072 331 or email: jukka.toimela(at)
Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 ore-mail: eric.tengstrand(at)
Berry Braster, tel. + 31 30 84 84 050 or email: berry.braster(at)
Winni Liu, tel. +86 5125 768 9999 or email: winni.liu(at)