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A fault in an electronic device can stem from a variety of sources: electronics and/or mechanical design, an error or a poor work method in assembly, a deviation in component quality or simply a low-quality component. When choosing a component, it is important to identify the factors that are critical in terms of its reliability. 

Whatever the reason behind a fault, it is always paramount to find the root cause to be able to solve the right fault. And the faster the fault is repaired, the quicker the product can be introduced to the market. The data obtained through failure analysis is important, as even the smallest fault in a device may entail significant warranty costs and impair the brand image.

Test laboratory reveals hidden faults

Etteplan’s failure analysis and environmental testing laboratories can quickly ascertain whether the prototype meets the product requirements set for the device. At Etteplan, the same experts work on both failure analysis and environmental testing. This is a major advantage: failure analysis enables the root cause to be found faster and the problem causing the failure to be remedied.

Diversity is one of our strengths

As an engineering and testing company we also know the risks involved at the manufacturing, assembly and final testing stages and can factor them in in both testing design and result and failure analysis.

We know the right questions

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of different products from various sectors. Part of our know-how consists of asking customers the right questions concerning their devices and establishing their needs to make sure that no hidden faults go unnoticed during testing.

In addition to testing, we also offer our customers an analysis of the test results. Based on the analysis, it is easy for the customer to make decisions and prioritize the improvements required.

Our areas of expertise:

  • failure analysis and environmental testing
  • radio testing
  • EMC testing (accredited)
  • compatibility testing
  • antenna and performance testing
  • certification consulting

Test laboratory

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