CEO and management group


M. Sc. (Eng) Juha Näkki has been the Company’s President and CEO from the beginning of 2012. The CEO is responsible for managing the Group’s day-to-day operations in accordance with the rules and instructions issued by the Board of Directors. The CEO may take measures that are unusual and far-reaching with regard to the scope and nature of the Company’s operations, but only with authorization from the Board of Directors. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s accounting complies with the applicable legislation and that its asset management is arranged in a reliable manner. The CEO attends the Board meetings as the Secretary to the Board, but he is not a member of the Board of Directors. The parent Company’s CEO furthermore acts as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

A written CEO agreement, which has been approved by the Board, has been drawn up for the CEO. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO and terminates this employment, as well as monitors the CEO’s activities.

Further information on CEO Juha Näkki is available on the Company’s website at and partly in the Annual Report 2016.


Other executives

The CEO appoints members to the Management Group who are appropriate from the standpoint of line operations. The Management Group assists the CEO and also develops and monitors all matters entrusted to the Company’s management, including those connected with the Group and business unit strategies, acquisitions and major capital expenditures, divestments, the Company’s image, monthly reporting, interim reports, investor relations, and the main principles of the human resource policy. The Board of Directors approves the appointment of the Management Group members. The members of the Management Group report to the President and CEO.

In the financial period 2016 the Management Group of Etteplan consisted of the following members:

  • Juha Näkki (born 1973), President and CEO, 14,313 shares
  • Per-Anders Gådin (born 1965), Senior Vice President, Finance, 4,300 shares
  • Petri Ikonen (born 1964), Senior Vice President, Technical Documentation Services, no ownership
  • Veikko Lamminen (born 1960), Senior Vice President, Operations Finland, 2,100 shares
  • Outi-Maria Liedes (born 1956), Senior Vice President, HR & Operational Development, no ownership
  • Kari Liuska (born 1963), Senior Vice President, Embedded Systems & IoT, 31,200 shares
  • Riku Riikonen (born 1977), Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, no ownership
  • Outi Torniainen (born 1965), Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing, no ownership
  • Mikael Vatn (born 1967), Senior Vice President, Operations Central and Western Europe, 5,500 shares.

The ownerships are listed as per December 31, 2016 and include shares possibly owned by controlled entities. Further information on the Management Group members is available on the Company’s website at and partly in the Annual Report 2016.