General meeting

The shareholders exercise their decision-making power at the General Meeting. The Company must hold one Annual General Meeting for shareholders annually, by the end of June. If necessary, an Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders is held. A shareholder may exercise his/her right to speak, ask questions and vote at the General Meeting. The matters to be considered at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are specified in section 8 of Etteplan’s Articles of Association and in Chapter 5, Section 3 of the Companies Act.

Articles of Association

Decisions by the General Meeting are published without delay after the meeting by a stock exchange release and on the Company’s webpage.


Information on general meetings to shareholders

The Board shall convene the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting with a summons to be published on the Company’s website. The summons must list the agenda for the meeting. The Board may also decide to publish the invitation to the General Meeting in a one Finnish national newspaper, determined by the Board. The summons to a meeting and the Board’s proposals for the meeting are also published as a stock exchange release.

The notice of the General Meeting includes a proposal for the agenda of the meeting. The notice of the General Meeting, documents to be submitted to the General Meeting and draft resolutions to the General Meeting will be available on the Company website at least three weeks before the General Meeting.

The Company will disclose on its website the date by which a shareholder shall notify the Board of Directors of the Company of an issue that he or she demands to be included in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting.

The minutes of the General Meeting shall be posted on the Company website within two weeks of the General Meeting. The documents related to the General Meeting shall be available on the Company website at least for three months after the General Meeting.


Organisation of the general meeting

According to Company’s Articles of Association the General Meeting shall be held in the Company's domicile or in Lahti or in Helsinki as decided by the Board of Directors of the Company.

To be able to participate in General Meeting, a shareholder must be registered on the record date in the Etteplan Oyj's shareholder register, maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd. A nominee-registered shareholder who intends to take part in General Meeting is advised to request the necessary instructions regarding entry in the company’s shareholder register and the issuing of proxy documents from their account holder. A notification by a holder of nominee-registered shares for temporary inclusion in the Company’s shareholders’ register is perceived as prior notice of participation in the General Meeting.

Shareholders must register for a General Meeting in advance, within the time prescribed in the summons. A shareholder may participate in a General Meeting personally or through a duly authorized proxy. The proxy must present a power-of-attorney form for such authorization. Upon registration for a General Meeting, the shareholder must report to the Company any powers of attorney issued. The shareholder and proxy may have an assistant present at the meeting.


Attendance of the board of directors, managing director and auditor at the general meeting

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and a sufficient number of members of the Board and its Committees as well as the CEO shall attend the General Meeting. In addition, the Auditor shall be present at the Annual General Meeting.


Attendance of a prospective director at a general meeting

A person proposed for the first time as Director shall participate in the General Meeting that decides on his or her election unless there are well-founded reasons for absence.


Shareholder agreements

A shareholder agreement is an agreement among the shareholders of a company on the Company’s governance and management. A shareholder agreement can be made when a Company is established or during the time of its operation. A shareholder agreement is binding between the shareholders. A shareholder agreement does not bind the company itself unless the company is included in the agreement. In general the Board of Directors approves a shareholder agreement on behalf of the company.

Etteplan has not made a shareholder agreement nor is the Company aware of possible shareholder agreements.