Insider administration

The Etteplan Oyj Board of Directors has approved insider regulations for the Company. The regulations are based on the Finnish Securities Markets Act as well as from the beginning of July 2016 the Market Abuse Regulation (EU N:o 596/2104, MAR), and they comply with the standards of Financial Supervision and the Guidelines issued by the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

In accordance with the Market Abuse regulation Etteplan is no longer under the obligation to maintain a public insider register. However, Etteplan maintains a register of its managers and publishes stock exchange releases on the transactions the managers report to the stock exchange and the Company in compliance with the time limits and obligations defined by MAR. Due to the nature of their position, the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO, and the members of the Management Group are entered into said register of managers.

In addition, the Company maintains a permanent company specific insider register in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors. The company specific insider register includes front-line managers for business operations, financial administration personnel, and those working for the Company on the basis of an employment or other contract who receive insider information.

A project-specific insider register is created by the decision of the Board of Directors, the CEO, or the Management Group.

The Company’s insider guidelines direct insiders to restrict their trading in the Company’s shares to times when the markets have as precise information as possible on the factors influencing the value of shares in the Company. Consequently, persons included in Etteplan’s insider registers are always prohibited from trading with Company securities during 30 days before the publication of interim reports and financial statement release, including the day of publication (the closed window). During other times i.e. as of the day following the publication of interim reports and financial statement release there is an open window during which insiders are allowed to trade. Even then it is provided that they do not possess insider information.

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the maintenance of the afore mentioned registers of Etteplan Oyj. The CFO is also responsible for compliance with insider regulations and fulfilment of duties to report. The afore mentioned registers are maintained by the Company’s Vantaa office, which updates the information that, as required by law, is entered in the registers for Euroclear Finland Ltd pertaining to insiders with the duty to declare.


Related party transactions

Etteplan Group's related parties include such persons that have control, joint control or significant influence over the Group. Also the Group's key personnel, i.e. the members of the Board of Directors and Management Group including the CEO are included in the related parties. Companies in control or joint control of the before mentioned persons are considered as other related parties. Related party transactions are priced according to Group's normal pricing basis and sales conditions.

In 2016 Etteplan’s service purchases and sales from and to other related party companies were related to administrative cooperation between the companies. In connection with the acquisitions in spring 2016 Ingman Group Oy Ab, a related party of Etteplan Oyj, granted Etteplan a market-based loan, which was converted into Etteplan’s shares in connection with the rights issue in June 2016.