Internal control, risk management and internal audit

The objective of Etteplan Oyj’s internal control and risk management is to ensure that the Company’s operations are efficient and profitable, its information is reliable, and it complies with appropriate regulations and operating principles. The objectives also include identification, assessment, and monitoring of risks related to business operations. Internal audit helps to improve the efficient fulfilment of the Board’s supervision obligation.


Operating principles of internal control

The Board ensures that the Company has defined the operating principles of internal control and monitors the function of such control.


Organisation of risk management

Management and mitigation of the impact of risks is one of Etteplan Group’s main principles of operation. The Board of Directors and the Management Group monitor the development of risks and concentrations of risk. The Group’s financial administration operations monitor and assess operational and financial risks and take measures to avert them in cooperation with the Board of Directors, the Management Group, and the management personnel responsible for design work.

Risks and risk management are presented on Company’s webpage and in Annual report 2014.

Reviews concerning financing risks are presented in the notes to the consolidated financial statements in the Annual Report 2014 on pages 53-55. 

Management of financial risks 2014 


Internal audit

Etteplan Group does not have separate internal audit function. The Board can engage external advisors to perform evaluations relating to control environment or other activities.


Description of the main features of the internal control and risk management systems pertaining to the financial reporting process

Etteplan prepares consolidated financial statements and interim reports in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards, as adopted by EU, the Securities Markets Acts as well as the appropriate Financial Supervision Authority Standards and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd’s rules. The Report of the Board of Directors of Etteplan and parent company financial statements are prepared in accordance with Finnish Accounting Act and the opinions and guidelines of the Finnish Accounting Board.

Etteplan Group has a group level accounting policies and instructions that are applicable for all group companies and according to which group financial reporting is prepared. Together with reporting calendar and schedules, accounting policies and instructions form the framework for timely and correct group reporting. Etteplan’s business operations are in all material respects located in Finland, Sweden, China and the Netherlands and all countries have local accounting and financial reporting organisations, systems and reporting to the Group. Internal control and risk management systems and practices as described below are designed to ensure that the financial reports as disclosed by the Company give essentially correct information about the Company finances.

Etteplan has a common group consolidation system. Accounting data is transferred from the local accounting systems either automatically or manually and correctness is controlled by the group accounting team. Common chart of accounts forms the basis of group reporting. Group accounting, consolidation and published financial reports are prepared by the centralised team.


Internal control over financial reporting

Proper arrangement and monitoring of internal control is the responsibility of the local management in accordance with the group framework. Etteplan Board of Directors has approved operating principles of internal control, which have been prepared in accordance with the Code recommendation 48. Operating principles include the main features of risk management process, summary of risks, control objectives and common control points for financial reporting as well as roles and responsibilities in executing and monitoring internal control in Etteplan.

Internal controls over financial reporting process at the country and group level was a focus area in 2009. Since then the processes have been reviewed and updated annually. Etteplan finance organisation has analyzed process risks and defined control objectives for external financial reporting process. Existing control points in the process have been documented. These control points include for example reconciliations, authorizations, analysis, and segregation of key accounting duties. The work has been led by the Group CFO.

According to its annual clock, Management Group has monthly meetings where also financial performance and financial reporting are analyzed. Prior to these meetings, financial reports have been analysed in the division level to detect any irregularities or errors. Group level financial reports are prepared to the Etteplan Board on a monthly basis. The Board also reviews and approves interim financial reports, annual results report and financial statements.

Etteplan does not have separate internal audit function. The Board can engage external advisors to perform evaluations relating to control environment or other activities.