Personnel and social responsibility

Having skilled and developing personnel with a high level of well-being is a basic requirement for a successful expert organization. Personnel development, providing career opportunities and treating employees equally are at the core of Etteplan’s human resource management.

We survey our employee satisfaction 

Etteplan uses an annual personnel survey to assess the job satisfaction and well-being at work of its employees. In 2016, the survey was completed by 72 per cent of all personnel (76) and the results revealed substantial differences between countries. The results of the 2016 survey were at the previous year’s level. In Sweden, human resource management improved. Based on the survey, we produced country-specific development plans for improving the results. 

We provide extensive career and development opportunities

Providing career opportunities to our personnel is one of the guiding principles of our operations. The large scale of our operations provides good opportunities for working in various project teams that serve the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers. Etteplan’s emphasis in personnel development is on learning on the job. The career path model is at the core of monitoring the professional development of our employees. 

Personnel development discussions and coaching program

Personnel development discussions are held annually and, in 2016, they covered more than 95 per cent of the company’s personnel, as in the previous year. In 2015, Etteplan launched a coaching program intended for managerial development. The program continued in 2016 with personal coaching and the implementation of the coaching program will continue in 2017. We measure the development of employees in managerial roles annually. 

Works councils for local agreements

Etteplan has works councils in all of its operating countries to deal with personnel-related matters locally. As the use of local agreements increases, the works councils play a central and active role, and they held a large number of meetings in various countries during the year. In China, we deepened our cooperation with the HR specialist FESCO, with a focus on developing working conditions in China. 

Etteplan's growth strategy

Cornerstones of our strategy

The four cornerstones of Etteplan’s strategy are customer focus, service solutions, one Etteplan and engineering methods. Read more

Competitive advantage

Our business model is based on Managed Services. Managed Services are packaged and productized solutions where the customer buys the results rather than temporary staff or working hours.  Read more

Vision and values

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Strategic and financial targets

Etteplan updated its strateegic and financial targets in December 2016. The targets for growth and profitability remained unchanged. Read more


In acquisitions, which play a key role in our strategy, our focus is on increasing our competence capital and geographical expansion.   Read more

Board of Directors & Management

Operating environment


Etteplan has set the standard in engineering design for 30 years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of engineering design and methods as well as new business models. 

Events & webinars

Corporate responsibility

At Etteplan, corporate responsibility is at the core of our day-to-day business as we design hundreds of sustainable solutions for the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers every year. Our highly skilled personnel play a crucial role in fulfilling our customer promise.

Financial responsibility

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Environmental responsibility

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Responding to stakeholder expectations

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Corporate responsibility reporting

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Code of conduct

Etteplan acknowledges the importance of proper business conduct and good  reputation being in its long-term interest as these create loyalty and trust in employees, shareholders, other stakeholders and the communities in which Etteplan operates. This is why we have written this Code of Conduct (“the Code”). The purpose of the Code is to present and communicate our common set of ethical values and business principles to all employees and stakeholders as well as to give internal guidance in our daily business. Etteplan encourages its suppliers and other business partners within its sphere of influence to adopt the principles of this Code. Read more