Automated Testing, Turku, Finland

Event - Date: 17.04.2018
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Anton Sundqvist from NI kicking off the AUTOMATED TESTING seminar on Tuesday the 17th April 2018 in Etteplan premises in Turku.


Teppo Välisaari from Etteplan presenting the Procket Rapid test fixture.

The topics of the seminar included automated testing of electrical and mechanical components (HIL testing), simulation and testing of software using I/O and simulated actuators. Combining Jenkins and Robot framework with HIL testing.

The presentations covered:

  • Software and products for building test benches
  • Different applications for test benches
  • How to built a test automation setup with HW included
  • How to incorporate security aspects into R&D and what test tools/methods are available.

Presentation materials

9:00 NI tools for automated testing, Anton Sundqvist, NI
9:45 Procket Rapid for SW/HW testing, Teppo Välisaari, Etteplan
10:00 Test automation and continuous integration, Mikko Lindström, Etteplan
10.30 IoT security testingHarri Susi, Etteplan

Procket Rapid introduction video:

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