Cyber Security ─ Secure Development Lifecycle

Webinar - Date: 23.11.2021 - Time (CET): 01:00-02:00 PM
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Cyber Security - Secure Development Lifecycle

Join our experts to learn how Secure Development Lifecycle places security as an integral part of the product and application development process.

Secure Development Lifecycle or SDL is a process that standardizes security best practices across a range of products and applications. It captures industry-standard security activities, packaging them so they may be easily implemented.

In many industries such as automotive, industrial equipment/machinery and medical devices, secure product development lifecycle is also becoming a market or regulatory requirement.

The webinar starts with a presentation from Donnie Werner, a former hacker with cutting edge offensive security experience, on his critical view on the importance of a solid foundation for product development. Donnie Werner is a Security Consultant/Penetration testing expert with Etteplan's Cyber Security unit.

Then we move more deeply into the world of SDL with Tomi Pund, A security professional with extensive work experience in the field of safety and security. Tomi Pund is a SW Testing and cyber security engineer at Etteplan.

Lastly, our host is Antti Tolvanen, who is an expert of the current cyber security-related regulatory market change in critical infrastructure and industrial manufacturing in EU and USA, and acts as an advisor / subject matter expert at Etteplan and for our customers.


• Introduction - Secure development lifecycle is becoming a regulatory requirement by Antti Tolvanen
• Thoughts of a hacker by Donnie Werner
• Secure Development Lifecycle by Tomi Pund


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