Design for supply chain, manufacturing and testing

Webinar - Date: 15.06.2021 - Time (CET): 13:00
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Webinar Etteplan Design for supplu chain, manufacturing and testing


Join Etteplan and Scanfil experts and learn how to embed manufacturability into your product designs

In today’s highly competitive market for electronics products, both time to market and product cost are increasingly important factors for success. Design for Excellence tools & methods can help you optimize both! During the design phase, supply chain, manufacturing and production testing should be taken into account while in parallel building the operational capability. This approach will not only help you reduce the amount of prototyping and design iterations, as well as secure timely production ramp-up, but also ensure cost competitiveness for your product.


  • Introduction to Design for Excellence (Design for “X”, DFX)
  • Overview of the device creation process and how DFX should be incorporated
  • DFX tools and real-life examples


  • Łukasz Nowak - Team Manager, Software & Embedded  Solutions, Etteplan
  • Reijo Kalenius - Development Manager, Scanfil


  • Henri Simula - Sales Manager, Software & Embedded Solutions, Etteplan

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