Tech Talk - Automate PlC Testing with Digital Twins and Software Test Automation Tools

Webinar - Date: 26.05.2021 - Time (CET): 11:00
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Tech Talk is our partner Mevea’s webinar series, where the aim is to discuss the applications and benefits of Digital Twins across various industries with experts of the highest caliber.

In the fourth episode of Mevea Tech Talk, we will discuss new ways to automate your PLC solution testing with SW test automation tools and Digital Twins. During the presentation, you will also see a demo where PLC software is being automatically tested in a Digital Twin environment.

This event is arranged by our partner Mevea in collaboration with us at Etteplan. Mevea's experts are joined by SW test automation experts Mr. Esa Kivioja and Mr. Mikael Huisko from Etteplan Software Testing and Cyber Security team. Esa and Mikael will explain how these different technologies can be combined to improve product quality, test coverage, and robustness and make development time cycles shorter.

Why you should attend?

• Learn how SW test automation technologies and Digital Twins can help your PLC-based solution testing
• Discover new solutions to create robust and repeatable automated tests for your PLC products
• See a real demo of Mevea's Digital Twin excavator model being controlled and tested with SW test automation tools

Investing just 60 minutes of your time will provide you with valuable knowledge in the application of Digital Twins for testing purposes and what the tomorrow of PLC products looks like.

Oh, and did we mention that should you have any questions regarding the topic, you can ask them from real Digital Twin and PLC experts? Do not miss out on an opportunity to learn more about the solutions provided by this emerging technology.