LoRa in Mbed

Published: 04.04.2018 - 16:13:54
by Yanick Meunier, Marketing Director
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Did you miss the "Exploring LoRa with ARM Mbed" webinar? No worries. There's a recording of the webinar and many other resources to help you get started.

Start by watching the recording of the webinar here. It will provide with insights on what LoRa, how to use and why it is a part of Mbed:

The slides for the webinar are available separately here:

After watching the webinar you can find the Q&A blog by Jan Jongboom here:

Then there are a couple of helpful "How To" videos to guide you through the example implementation. the first one on how to configure the Multitech Conduit gateway device and the second on how to build the LoRa temperature sensor setup. Find the videos here: and here:

Feel free to contact Marko Hietala or Arto Tanskanen at Etteplan in case you have some further questions about these.

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