International career at Etteplan

Subash Banjara, originally from Nepal, decided to look for the possibility to study in Finland because his friends, already studying in Finland, recommended it to him. The high quality, and free education were the other factors why he decided to choose Finland. Today, he is a Bachelor of Engineering from Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), and working as a Design Engineer at Etteplan’s office in Hyvinkää.

Studies at HAMK

In 2013, Subash started his studies in the international program in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology at HAMK in Riihimäki. “HAMK offers good courses both in design and manufacturing, and it has received good reviews from the students, so it was easy to make the decision to choose HAMK”, Subash clarifies.  

In his studies, Subash majored in Design of Mechanics, which included courses such as strength calculation, numerical analysis, and machine dynamics. His minor subject was Production Technology, consisting courses in, for example, sheet metal, machining, NC programming, heat treatment process, and welding.

Challenging projects in global teams

Subash heard about Etteplan and its job opportunities from his friends and from LinkedIn. On the Etteplan website he found an interesting and suitable open position for which he applied. He was offered the job, and he has been working as Design Engineer at Etteplan since May 2017.

The customer projects Subash is working with at Etteplan are mainly concerning elevators’ component design for KONE.  As KONE is a big global company, Subash works with people from all around the world. This is familiar to him, because at HAMK he studied with international students with different cultural backgrounds.

According to Subash, working as a Design Engineer is interesting and challenging:

“There can be many different projects going on simultaneously, so it is essential to manage time between the projects. Time management, coordinating with others, logical thinking and creativity are equally important skills to have”, says Subash Banjara.

Solid education supports at work

Subash thinks also that both the design and manufacturing courses he studied have given him solid base for the work that he is carrying out at Etteplan. “As a Design Engineer I think it is essential to understand not only the design but also the manufacturing aspects of the component”, he clarifies.

As a hint for a student interested in working at Etteplan, he points out it is important to know what you are good at, and apply for the right job, However, if the right job title is not available, he encourages to apply via open application.