Etteplan's career path model

Etteplan’s business operations, growth, and success are based on the competence of our personnel. Our personnel’s professional development is monitored using the career path model we adopted in 2013. There are four career paths.

We develop our expertise base to meet the needs of our clients, and recognize that it is equally important to develop our technological know-how and management skills. The goal-oriented development of our competences will ensure our continued success. The aim of the career path model is to make career possibilities and their requirements visible to our staff. For supervisors, the model offers a tool for career planning, systematic personnel development, planning of personnel structure, and specification of recruitment needs.

Our expertise management system encompasses 700 different expertise areas, with four career paths:

  • Technology Leadership,
  • Business and People Leadership,
  • Project Leadership and
  • Technical communicator.

Each career path contains 5–7 different level tasks, which are divided into local-, country-, and Group-level tasks. The task of each and every Etteplan employee is contained in the career path model. The model shows vertical career opportunities. Each position in the career path model and the related career opportunities are assessed annually as part of the personnel development discussion.