Anni Janger Leadership

Anni Janger: Hard work and courageous leadership

Anni Janger is a Project Manager and Project Leadership and Management Competence Group Leader, which means that she collaborates with people from a range of backgrounds, industries, and interests. Being a Project Manager at Etteplan for Anni means taking responsibility as Scrum Master and being an On-site Product Owner.  As a Project Leadership and Management Competence Group Leader, she leads discussions about project leadership and management. The group is sharing experiences and offering advice, getting trainings and developing processes. It is important for Anni that her peers feel confident in their roles and can confide in each other and get the help they need. The popularity of this group has increased over time and is a testament to how Etteplanians see their future as leaders, and the strength of the support system. 

Anni’s career took off after completing her studies in Computer Sciences after which she started as a Software Developer for a company that was eventually acquired by Etteplan. Describing herself as a systematic person, Anni excelled in Software Development and was encouraged by colleagues and management to utilize her skills in her current roles. When it comes to leadership at Etteplan, “Management must always lead by example,” states Anni, “we have a lot of good people here – I think it is very important that people care about what you want to do and what you want to say, how you feel about things, what you want to achieve.”   

Anni is known as a person who always wants to help people and has the courage to take the lead in any situation. Anni explains that she is surrounded by talented people and has been able to learn something from each of them, that’s why she feels it is important to share her knowledge. 

Anni’s personal reflection of how she wants to lead is, 

“If I want to be a good leader, I need to have the courage and try new things.”  

Some will succeed, and some will be learning experiences,Anni_Janger_career_stories_intext.jpg “We cannot live in a world where we don’t have the courage to be human, also in business world. Showing feelings and doing hard work (and good work) has no conflict between them.”  

In a male dominated industry, Anni acknowledges that women are easily underrated.  

“Luckily, my nearest colleagues have never underestimated me, and me for being a woman is not an issue, and it’s not supposed to be that either. I hope we could be in the world where I don’t have to think about my gender or work harder because I’m a woman (or for men for being men) and I believe it’s going to happen someday” Anni reflects. 

What is important to Anni is highlighting the value of diversity in a team and the willingness to learn– “We need all kinds of people in our industry and leading positions and I’m glad to work in my current position.”  

Anni’s story is not only inspiring but motivating. The best solutions, projects, and the best innovations will come from courage, listening to peers and combining different perspectives.