Gustav Dyrssen

Gustav Dyrssen: Feeling valued and appreciated

Gustav Dyrssen is one of Etteplan’s newest recruits, even though he is straight out of the University the new Documentation Manager says the team makes him feel like he is valued. When Gustav talks about his team he shines up and starts off by talking about the teams’ regular meetings that they have every morning, so called ‘coffee meetings’. What used to be the regular chat by the coffee machine is now a 15-minute meeting where they can drink coffee together and talk about anything and everything. “You can sit in a hoodie, eat breakfast, talk about kids or other things. We even talk about baking bread, which started this really fun activity where we shared a recipe for sour dough bread, and all of us went through the process of baking it! When the bread was ready we sat down in the comfort of our own homes during our coffee meeting, eating the bread that we had baked together!”. These morning meetings made Gustav feel like a part of the team, even after just a couple of months at Etteplan. It made the team feel more like friends, and not just colleagues.  

“I felt safe and happy with my team from day one, and so it has continued.” 

Even though Gustav is fresh out of the oven himself, the oven in this case being Uni, he really feels like his input is appreciated and even asked for.

“As a graduate I thought that it would take years before I would have an impact and being listened to at work, but not at Etteplan. Imagine my surprise when they from the start wanted to know about my thoughts about things? And if there is something I don’t know, they’re all very understanding and helpful.” 

Gustav explains how the team encourages him to ask questions since ‘the best way to learn is by feeling comfortable enough to ask questions, without feeling guilty or in the way’. “It’s all a part of the process” he says.  

Even though Gustav is mostly sitting behind a computer screen, he still feels like he is a part of something bigger. Since he’s been a part of a project that helps people getting eco-friendly electricity in their homes, he feels like he is helping both others and the environment! 

“I’m a part of a company that does something good for others”

he says, and Gustav has always wanted to work with something inspiring, something that is good for both the environment and for the people in it. “In the long run, it’s way more than just pushing a couple of buttons”.  

In his free time Gustav is very active. He loves basketball and even plays it professionally in the Swedish league. Gustav used to work as a coach for both kids and adults, he has had exchange students from other countries, and other adults from all different kinds of backgrounds, ages and interests. “To be able to make them all work together as a team and to have fun is what inspires me to coach” he says. Other than that, Gustav has a lot of different interests, ‘maybe too many interests’ he says and laughs. He talks about his passion for cooking, mixing drinks, being in nature with his friends, family and playing with his family’s dogs. He loves all kinds of games, both computer games and board games. “I’m a bit of a nerd” he says and laughs.  

Gustav is a young and new recruit at Etteplan that is full of life. He is both happy and thankful to be a part of such a great and caring team and he looks forward to what the future will bring.