Etteplan Isabella Buonassisi

Isabelle Buonassisi: A different kind of engineer

“Thoughts running through my head…"

”I’m not technically skilled enough, I’m way too social, what can I bring to the table?” - The answer is: exactly that! I am different, I’m a mix of both technical and social skills which makes me an important puzzle piece of the teams that I work with. I have the ability to understand and to see my colleagues for who they really are, and how we can all function in the best way together to optimize our work. While many are introverts and super skilled within specific areas, I’m the bird flying above, collecting input, but also the spider in the web, unifying the different fields of competence”.

These are the thoughts of Isabelle Buonassisi who is currently working as a Mechanical Engineer at the MedTech Centre in Halmstad, Sweden since 2019. Since she started she’s been a part of a couple of different teams, depending on the assigned project at the time. At the moment she’s one of three mechanical engineers developing a product that will reduce the risk of accidental blood loss and save lives during dialysis. In Isabelle’s office they have a lot of inhouse projects, this being one. Having software, hardware and mechanics cooperating all under one roof is in her opinion both super fun and challenging. Isabelle explains how it gives them all a greater understanding of the different stages in product development and how the process links them all together.

Etteplan isabella buonassisi
Isabelle: "The world of engineering needs us all, no matter if you are the typical engineer or a different kind like me. We all carry our own superpower!”

Isabelle loves the feeling of working in projects with a direct connection to the human body, actually making a difference for others. “That’s why I chose to study Biomechanical engineering in the first place” she says. When Isabelle first started working at Etteplan, she made it very clear that this is where she finds her inner motivation and drive. For Isabelle, the key to growth and personal development is honesty, the courage to speak up and to stay true to oneself. “If you really want something to happen, you can make it happen!” she says. Isabelle also explains how her being transparent with her bosses about her thoughts for both her own and for the company’s future, gives them the best conditions for having a happy employee. A great workplace, according to Isabelle, is somewhere where you can be yourself, where there is humor and laughter, where you have possibilities for personal growth and where you feel seen, challenged and important. Luckily for Isabelle – She feels like all of the above are being met.

Isabelle is looking into developing new competences and she is currently in the middle of a course called “Project Management for product development of medical devices”. This is something that Isabelle thinks will make her an even better engineer, at the same time as it brings in new opportunities for the Halmstad office. Isabelle’s view on this is quite simple:

“More knowledge and competence can only lead to bigger and more advanced project in the future, it’s a win-win, really!“


When Isabelle is not working, she likes to stay active. After putting her boxing gloves on the shelf after 10 years within martial arts, she’s turned to CrossFit. If the sun is out and the wind is pumping we can usually find her in the ocean kitesurfing. “The feeling of being one with nature, totally off the grid with adrenaline rushing trough my veins is hard to beat! But an active lifestyle is best when you mix it up, which is why my weekends are best spent in the forest with my dog, just enjoying the stillness”. 

At last, Isabelle wants to point out that “The world of engineering needs us all, no matter if you are the typical engineer or a different kind like me. We all carry our own superpower!”.