Etteplan Jacob Mourad

Jacob Mourad: Providing value to both customers and the society as a whole

Jacob Mourad works as a Software Engineer at Etteplan in Sweden, this has given him opportunities to work with many different and meaningful projects and continuously acquire new skills.

“The best thing about my work is that while I serve our customers, at the same time I also get to be part of the development of society”

Jacob says as he reflects on some of the projects he has recently been involved with. 

Jacob started working at Etteplan as a fresh graduate after completing his Master of Science Degree. Right from the start, he was embraced by welcoming colleagues and managers. He quickly noticed the warm company culture at Etteplan, where everyone helps each other towards common goals that are in both employees’ and for company's best interest.

Jacob describes the work itself as highly motivating, and everybody gets to work on projects that match their skills and interests best. 

“A good example of a project that was both meaningful and suitable for me is when I was assigned to a project where we developed a temperature logger for water cleaning tanks in developing countries,” Jacob explains. 

For Jacob, personal development has always been essential. Therefore, he appreciates the personal development plans at Etteplan that enable employees to set, reach, and exceed their professional goals. The tools and support are available if you just have the ambition.  

Today, Jacob works as part of a team that develops chargers for electrical vehicles. Working on a project that is a step towards a more sustainable industry and an act to prevent climate change is inspiring and stimulating for the team. For Jacob, his journey at Etteplan has been filled with interesting projects that have allowed him to grow and learn but are also providing value to the customers and the society.