Etteplan Olga Natsarenus

Olga Natsarenus: On a mission for growth

Olga is Etteplan’s manager for the newly established Cloud and Applications department in Stockholm. Her mission is to build, develop and set the strategy for this new digitization unit.  

Cloud and Applications is a relatively new area for Etteplan – we have already more than 150 experts in Sweden, Finland and Poland that can support the entire software lifecycle – for example:  web-applications, mobile solutions, UX design, testing and Cloud development. Olga’s goal is to hire a team, set the growth strategy and to make sure that the projects are spot on for our clients.  

As an engineering company at heart, Etteplan has an end-to-end approach to help clients in their digital journey. For example, for Neste in Finland - the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel - Etteplan created Europe’s first self-service totally seamless retail store that is open 24/7 and uses RFID technology.  

“Etteplan is the place to be if you want to be in the front row of influencing which clients we are working with, which technologies we should prioritize as well as to be a pioneer of highly growing Cloud and Applications branch at Etteplan.” 

What excites Olga the most at work is the ability to support her clients during the whole engineering process, from prototyping hardware to developing end-user interfaces. This puts the client into focus and creates proactive solutions that are better suited for the client’s needs. “What makes this even more exciting is Etteplan’s commitment to their employees – showing them a clear path to grow while giving them great support in every step of the way” - Olga explains.  

Prior to Etteplan, Olga has worked at major Cloud vendors: Microsoft, AWS and IBM. In various roles in her career, Olga has always been putting clients first and delivering value by orchestrating virtual teams to better address clients’ needs. This is how Olga plans to approach her new role in Stockholm: 

“The most powerful thing that I have learned by working at the largest Cloud vendors around the world is that people are the biggest asset they have. If a manager cherishes their employees, is open to new perspectives, challenges them and invests time in the employee’s professional development whilst having some fun along the way – “success” will be the name of the game on both sides.”  

As a manager that is exactly what she is going to do: to get to know her employees, understand their professional goals and to help them reach their full potential. “On a personal note, I hope that all my employees will refer to me as “a leader” rather than “a manager” – my passion is to inspire people around me to do the things they thought were not imaginable and to show them that there is always more – everything is possible!” 

In practical terms of how Stockholm’s department is going to grow, they see big potential in industrial digitization, retail industry and payments as well as smart mobility.