Image: Juha Kaski

Juha Kaski

Senior STE Specialist, Vantaa

"By chance, while studying electrical engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology, I got into technical translation and documentation. I began by founding my own translation company, and since 2004, I’ve worked in technical communications at several companies. Technical documentation allows me to combine my interests in both technology and communications. 

This is my third year at Etteplan. My primary role is a specialist in Simplified Technical English (STE), which is a controlled version of English for technical documentation. I train and support my Finnish colleagues in STE and our specialised STE software tools, and also support our STE services in Sweden and China. I also create user manuals and service instructions for our customers. 

My varying tasks keep my job really interesting. I enjoy working with my talented documentation and engineering colleagues and using our advanced documentation tools."