Image: Neile Jones

Neile Jones

Supply Manager, Hyvinkää

"I was born in Johannesburg, South-Africa, where I also received my university degree in aircraft engineering. I moved to Finland in 2011 and to find a job to match my education didn’t seem to be that easy. A friend advised me to send an open application to Etteplan. Within one week I had a job as a Supply Manager in a customer’s delivery project in Hyvinkää. 
In concrete terms I’m coordinating the customer’s Engineer-to-Order projects, where the product is customized to meet the end customer’s requirements. The switch from aircraft engineering to managing complex global  industrial delivery projects was challenging, but a great proof that you can learn almost anything if you are motivated. I really like my work: it is challenging and you learn a lot about the products and engineering in general. 
I very much appreciate Etteplan’s flexibility and the level of trust given when it comes to responsibility at work or arranging working hours. The work life balance at Etteplan is excellent, which means a great deal to me."