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The story of how everything can be connected.

The Internet of Things Connects

Everything is connected. This saying is becoming increasingly relevant as more and more devices are connected to internet. As we speak, Internet of Things is changing our everyday life.

Connected devices make operations and services run smoothly. Interaction between the service provider and the user becomes real-time. New business opportunities arise for the service providers but also for industry producing the devices. Etteplan is helping companies to discover the possibilities of Internet of Things.

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Meet Jaakko, our connectivity specialist

In this video, Jaakko Ala-Paavola and the participants of the Future City Challenge competition dive into how the Internet of Things changes everyday life.

Devices are having more sensors collecting data and they are connected to the internet. This will enable the devices to communicate with each other, with their users and their owners, which will make life a lot easier for us. Operations and services will run more smoothly, as we get measurable data from the device real-time. The devices can be also operated remotely.

Etteplan is working with its industrial customers to discover totally new IoT solutions and business models. We are in the forefront when it comes to Internet of things. We can create your IoT vision together with you, build the solutions and even operate them.

Etteplan has also build an open IoT network to Finland with different partners. It is a LoRa (Long Range) network which is open to everyone to use for Internet of Things solutions.

There is a need also in cities to improve their public services to reflect the needs of the citizens. Etteplan co-organized Future City Challenge competition which helped the cities get new IoT ideas from different teams. The winner team came up with a solution improving indoor air in schools. There are a lot of possibilities for smart cities to use IoT to improve public services, like daycare, hospitals, waste management or power generation.

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