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Digitalized Technical Documentation

The story of the shift from selling devices to building life cycles.

The Ultimate Goal of Digitalized Technical Documentation

Signs of this can already be seen – companies do not necessarily sell devices any more, instead they are selling operating hours. This highlights the importance of service business. At the same time, many companies are frantically analyzing how the data collected from devices and equipment can be utilized to create new revenue streams and improve customer relations.

The transfer is made possible by digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT). Ettplan has developed an integration platform which integrates different sources of information to make all relevant information needed for servicing devices and equipment available to maintenance personnel allowing him/her to focus on the maintenance task.

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Digitalized Technical Documentation

Meet Berry, Etteplan’s specialist for technical documentation

Find out how digitalization of technical documentation is contributing to the transformation of the entire service industry.

When a maintenance worker is called in to repair or replace equipment, for instance for an elevator, they might be facing a surprisingly complicated task. It will be necessary to find out what kind of maintenance the elevator has previously gone through, what parts are needed for repair and whether these are even available, which can further increase the costly downtime. Maintenance personnel may spend a lot of their valuable time trying to find various pieces of information, which means there is less time for the essential work: the actual maintenance tasks.

Already now, it is possible to anticipate and optimize the operations of equipment. Data collected from the equipment could for instance indicate when a malfunction in an elevator could be happening. As a result, the elevator’s operation can be serviced accordingly so that the elevator remains functional until its next maintenance visit. This also makes it possible to order the parts needed for maintenance well in advance.

Towards proactive maintenance business


Lately, Etteplan has invested heavily in increasing its competence and, consequently, it has an excellent capability to help its customers in integrating product design, maintenance and IoT.

One example of solutions developed by Etteplan is an integration platform, which integrates different sources of information: the information that IoT (Internet of Things) provides about the devices and equipment, technical instructions as well as the usage and maintenance history. In other words, it provides the service engineer with all the information he/she needs to do his/her job as efficient as possible, including device’s usage and maintenance history, where the device is located and what is wrong with it. In addition, it provides access to repair instructions and directs the user immediately to the necessary instructions.

We are one of the few companies that are capable of not only building intelligence into various devices and equipment but also combining different technologies. And with the growth of the service business, its significance in Etteplan’s offering will also be further emphasized.

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