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Intelligence and Automation

The story of how we help our clients’ machine think for itself.  

The Key Benefit of Intelligence & Automation

The opportunities in machine intelligence and robotics are limitless. Etteplan’s task is to realize the technology vision of our customers by deploying the most suitable technologies, tools and methods in an innovative way.

Machine intelligence and automation solutions leverage electronics, embedded systems as well as data transfer and cloud technologies. A customer may have a device or production line, the efficiency of which needs to be improved by increasing the degree of automation or by connecting the product or production line as part of an IoT solution.

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Intelligence and Automation

Meet Kimmo, our embedded systems and digitalization specialist

In this video you can hear Kimmo Rintala from Etteplan and Henri Soininen from Cautio tell about the development of Cautio’s light safety device for unattended level crossings.

In an Internet of Things (IoT) solution devices are connected to each other over the internet. Examples of connected devices can be welding equipment, cargo systems at ports or a railway beacon for unattended level crossing.

Devices and equipment can be designed to be intelligent by adding sensors, which, for example, collect and transfer data such as temperature, moisture, and energy consumtion to a cloud using wireless technology.  The user can obtain information about the condition and efficiency of the device, as well as information about preventive maintenance regardless of time and place via a user interface specifically designed to the user’s needs.

The most valuable benefit of an IoT solution is stream of analytics collected from the devices. The data enables process optimization, shorter downtime and savings in maintenance costs.

Digital solutions often bring about new business and business models as a result of which a company can end up selling services instead of equipment. Etteplan supports customers in all phases of the digitalization project from the design of the device or machinery to data transfer and user interface solutions.

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Kimmo Rintala
Kimmo Rintala
Site Manager, Software & Embedded Solutions