Improving with a difference

Our guide to become fit for the future of manufacturing

This is not a guidebook for Industry 4.0. Although embedding disruptive technologies into your manufacturing processes do deliver on potential business growth and better-quality products, we encounter different needs in our daily work with manufacturers. They don’t need technology per se. They want more output, less costs, and being able to cope with market disruptions.

Less costs, great benefits

Behind the assembly line we see more tangible opportunities to improve output. Possibilities for improvement that are closer to home, instead of immediately deep diving into digitalization. They require less investments, bring fewer changes, and hold large benefits.

Our vantage point in getting there?

People x process x technology = improvement

This guidebook discloses our take on becoming fit for the future of manufacturing by sharing how to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve local society
  • Improve yourself
  • Improve cooperation

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