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Modern engineering requires a different approach. It’s all about working smarter, staying focused, adding intelligence to products and machinery, gathering actionable data and using the industrial Internet to boost productivity and revenues. At Etteplan we can support you in three areas: the design engineering of products and industrial plants; embedded systems and IoT; and technical documentation. But we do it differently. Instead of just buying consulting hours, you can buy a result that matters. From product development to service and maintenance, we apply our varied technical expertise across the entire product lifecycle. 

We call it Engineering with a difference.

Engineering Solutions

From product development to order-delivery, our skilled engineers can support you with innovative solutions, design engineering and technical calculations for machinery, equipment and industrial plants along the entire life-cycle. 

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Technical Documentation Solutions

Whether it’s user manuals, installation guides or spare parts catalogs, related content management or even printed distribution, we can help you go digital and even manage it all. 

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Software and Embedded Solutions

Boost your productivity and open new revenue streams by applying our industrial internet expertise to connect and control products and machines, and to gather actionable data for your maintenance and engineering operations. 

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"Etteplan is a reliable and competent partner, who has deep knowledge of our equipment and operating methods. Expanding our collaboration to a new area conforms to our shared strategy"




Tommi Juntunen, Director, Plant Engineering, Outotec (Finland) Oy

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“Etteplan was able to quickly respond to the challenges, thanks to the company’s extensive competence and expertise. This was important for us, and the project stayed on schedule even though features were added along the way."


Rami Hakala, Managing Director, SKS Automaatio

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”We wanted more than just instructions: we were looking for a different approach where the partner’s project coordinator would be involved in our work. We wanted a new operating model.”


Kari Luhtanen, Real Estate Manager, Finavia

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Introducing our expertise

Engineering Solutions

Whether you’re designing industrial products or plants, our experts can support you with everything from stress calculations to development of innovative and environmentally friendly technology – across the entire product life cycle.


Etteplan’s automation engineering covers machine, process, and factory automation as well as automation for vehicles and transportation and traffic control and tunnel automation systems. We have developed world class solutions for our customers, for example, in virtual commissioning of machinery, production lines and processes, simulation automation and preventive maintenance. In addition our customers rely on Etteplan’s competence in high-performance remote controlled automation systems. Read more

Battery technologies

Etteplan supports customers looking for a safe, reliable and cost-efficient battery solution with optimal performance. Our services cover portable power (e.g. in consumer electronics, medical applications and power tools), traction batteries (e.g. in electric and hybrid vehicles and trucks) and stationary batteries used in UPS’s and energy storage systems.  Read more

Climate technologies

Etteplan has over 25 years of experience in testing environmental conditions and developing test equipment. Etteplan climate testing laboratory and equipment have been used in vehicle, hoisting, lifting equipment and crane manufacturing as well as the transportation industry. We also design and build customized test environments for our customers. Read more

Electrical engineering

Our electrical engineering services cover comprehensive electrical engineering projects for power plants (nuclear, water and wind), power distribution, building and process electrification, energy storage and explosive atmospheres according to ATEX. We also provide installation, supervision, testing and commissioning services. Read more

Engineering analysis & simulations

Etteplan supports customers with small-scale calculations, analysis and simulations as well as with full-scale development projects requiring multiple engineering disciplines and advanced design methods. Our experts have world-class expertise in failure investigations, analysis and simulations, static and dynamic properties of systems and structural integrity to name a few. The precision and quality of Etteplan’s analyses are further enabled by the employment of the most advanced analysis software. Read more

Engineering & project management

In engineering and project management services, Etteplan’s value as a partner is based on our experts´ ability to apply this interdisciplinary knowledge. As a forerunner in the development of engineering methods Etteplan’s experts work in knowledge networks to actively develop best practices and methods to add value to customers’ products and processes. Read more

Marine engineering

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Mechanical engineering

As mechanical engineering partner, Etteplan’s value is based on over 30-year-long experience in demanding design and development of machinery and equipment. We provide expertise to product development projects as well as to cost reduction projects of existing products. Our skilled experts have profound understanding of industry specific requirements for equipment and machinery. Read more

Plant engineering

Etteplan’s almost 400 plant engineering experts in Finland, Sweden and China carry out demanding plant engineering projects all over the world including Russia, where we have the permit by SRO (Self-Regulated Organization) for engineering and supervision. Etteplan has executed several projects in Russia for customers setting up production facilities, logistics centers and buildings Read more

Safety engineering

We help customers with functional safety and safety critical product design issues, as well as with hardware and software design, planning the safety of working methods, assembly and installation. Our expertise covers all phases of the product, machine or system lifecycle: specification, design, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, modernization and disposal. Read more

Systems engineering

Etteplan has a long track record in designing and managing complex engineering projects over their entire life cycle. Our experts have extensive experience in systems engineering requirements in several industries including aerospace and defense, transportation and vehicle, mining and medical technology. Our services meet the highest requirements for cost-efficiency, quality and manufacturability. Read more

Stress calculation and CFD

Etteplan is renowned for its competence in strength calculation when safety and durability are key product requirements in addition to cost-efficient design. Etteplan’s experts are often an integral part of customer’s engineering processes and in charge of strength calculations of demanding product development projects. Read more

Software and Embedded Solutions

Looking for smart ways to connect industrial machinery or devices and tap into a reliable stream of useful data? Need “smart” sensors that can be rolled out quickly? Then why not take advantage of our embedded  and IoT solutions and devices to enhance productivity and create all-new revenue streams?

Product development

We collaborate with major global industrial companies as well as smaller startups, who want to create an entirely new product or improve on an existing product to make it more competitive. Examples of our innovative product development include several products for KONE and ABB and the Icare tonometer and Orion Diagnostica’s blood analysis device. Read more

R&D testing and validation

Automated testing performed during product development makes the product development faster and of higher quality, and results in a product that is readier when it goes into production. Read more

EMC test laboratory

A fault in an electronic device can stem from a variety of sources: electronics and/or mechanical design, an error or a poor work method in assembly, a deviation in component quality or simply a low-quality component. When choosing a component, it is important to identify the factors that are critical in terms of its reliability.  Read more

Production test solutions

High-quality production testing pays itself back in lower production costs and better profitability.  Read more

Digitalization and IoT by Etteplan MORE

Etteplan MORE (part of Etteplan Group), specializes in the engineering and technical realization of digital solutions that support business. Read more

Software solutions by Etteplan MORE

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Technical Documentation Solutions

Are you looking for ways to improve equipment uptime, parts revenue and customer satisfaction?  Did you know that technical documentation can play a vital role in achieving this goal?

Product development

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After sales

Etteplan can assist you with your after sales business by ensuring that the downtime of your products is minimized and that profits are maximized thanks to on-demand maintenance information and effective spare parts ordering.  Read more

Information management

We efficiently manage your asset information in order to increase the uptime of your production environment, while reducing costs and enabling efficient planning of maintenance, repair and overhaul activities. Read more

Software solutions for technical documentation

To efficiently create, manage and publish information, but also to get the right information to the right end-user at the right time, Etteplan offers the most advanced tooling and technologies. Read more