Product development

We collaborate with major global industrial companies as well as smaller startups, who want to create an entirely new product or improve on an existing product to make it more competitive. Examples of our innovative product development include several products for KONE and ABB and the Icare tonometer and Orion Diagnostica’s blood analysis device.

Services for all phases of product development and thereafter

We assist our customers at all phases of the product development project, from pre-studies and feasibility calculations to operational and validation testing (such as EMC and electrical safety testing) all the way to production testing. We offer services in all engineering areas, such as mechanical, electrical automation, electronic and software engineering, embedded systems and IoT solutions.

Icare case

Icare is an advanced medical technology company. Etteplan was assigned the responsibility for the software and electronics design as well as system testing of the new Icare product- Icare HOME tonometer. Icare has been very satisfied with Etteplan’s development work and cooperation.

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Bringing intelligence to your product

We will engineer your device or product for the digital age. Our services in software engineering, embedded systems, data transfer, cloud services and user interface engineering help your company to benefit from the opportunities afforded by digitalization, such as adopting a new business model or utilizing analytics in your business.

You have a vision for your product. We can make it happen.


Many customers hand over full responsibility for product development to us on a turnkey basis, giving us control over project management, applications for regulatory approvals, getting the product to production and creating the product’s technical documentation.

This cooperation model offers multiple benefits: our production process has been honed over the years to peak efficiency and we apply the best methods in the engineering sector. This is why the end results of our engineering are first-class and innovative. Our experience covers product development projects in numerous sectors and the technologies employed in them. By applying this expertise, we are able to always offer the technology solutions best suited to the customer’s product.


Unparalleled special expertise


We continuously develop our expertise in engineering and technology areas that are critical in terms of the customer’s product but ineffective for the customer to maintain themselves. Our expertise in, for instance, battery technology, air-conditioning technology, strength calculations and simulations is world-class.

We also carry out electronic engineering for many types of demanding industrial environments and explosive atmospheres covered by the ATEX directive. Whatever the device, we can take into account challenges resulting from the industrial environment, such as the product’s exposure to vibrations, moisture, chemicals and temperature variations.



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