Product development

Product development is in the core of our customers business. They know how to manufacture the most advanced devices in the world, and they understand the areas where they need to develop in order to stay on top in the future, too.

Etteplan helps in achieving this goal: We are specialists in mechanical, electrical automation and embedded system solutions; in production testing and IoT solutions; and in software and electronic engineering – and we can turn the most spectacular product development ideas into commercially and technically successful products. We have profound competence precisely in areas that are crucial in the digital age, where connected and intelligent devices (IoT) produce data to help develop a company’s business.

Product development offered as a service

Hundreds of projects a year makes Etteplan the most versatile product development partner in its field. A steady flow of projects ensures the cast-iron professional skills of our experts: we stay on top of industry events and keep our eyes firmly on the future. We help customers with demanding product development challenges in all phases of the product development process.

The customer has quick access to the right expertise, which they might not have on their own. Etteplan provides a wide range of project development expertise to projects of any size from developing prototypes to developing a mass production ready product.

Versatile product development projects


We collaborate with major companies, such as Kone and ABB, who want to create an entirely new product or improve on an existing product to make it more competitive. Our customers also include companies with a ready idea about a product that can be commercialized and which they would like to begin developing and manufacturing. This type of collaboration has resulted in, for example, the Icare tonometer and Orion Diagnostica’s blood analysis device, both of which were entirely new products in their respective fields – and success stories right from the start.

We also create concept demos for our customers to test how a certain device would work and how it could be used. Testing – to see if a device works and meets the regulatory requirements – is a big part of what we do. In the early stages of a project, we also conduct many studies to see if the product is worth making and to determine the best way to design it. Our customers greatly appreciate the lengths we go to, and this helps them in making their decision.


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Salo-based Satel develops and manufactures radio modems and other wireless communications systems. Satel’s mission critical wireless data connections are in use within over 70 countries. Exports account for 90% of the sales. Application areas include telemetry of agriculture machinery, intelligent traffic systems, monitoring and control of power and water infrastructure as well as industrial processes, safety and weather systems and telemetry of engine control for rally cars.


Etteplan has been one of KONE’s key engineering partners for more than 15 years, supplying engineering services and technical documentation solutions for KONE’s projects worldwide. KONE is known for its innovative and technically advanced product development. Competence is naturally our most important resource. Our market position requires an insightful eye to the future and an understanding of how to develop the right kind of competence.

Orion Diagnostica

The development of an IVD (in vitro diagnostic) device provides many challenges. An IVD device does not only have to comply with regulatory requirements and pass all certifications but also often contains complicated measurement technology and precision mechanics.

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