Battery technologies

Etteplan supports customers looking for a safe, reliable and cost-efficient battery solution with optimal performance. Our services cover portable power (e.g. in consumer electronics, medical applications and power tools), traction batteries (e.g. in electric and hybrid vehicles and trucks) and stationary batteries used in UPS’s and energy storage systems. 

Our highly skilled battery experts have world class knowledge in all types of batteries covering both rechargeable and non-rechargeable alternatives. We also have in-depth regulatory expertise to help customers access different markets and to meet international and regional requirements for battery transportation and recycling.


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    Contact us if you:


    • are struggling to find the optimal battery solution
    • are trying to understand how your battery impacts product performance
    • need support in verifying a safe battery solution by performing a battery risk assessment 
    • need to find cell or battery suppliers
    • are qualifying cell/battery suppliers and need support 
    • need support in developing battery specifications, test methods and acceptance criteria adapted to your application
    • are investigating why your battery is failing and need help performing failure analyses
    • need to find out which safety and regulatory requirements your product has to fulfill
    • are interested in advanced computational analysis (modeling) of batteries e.g. to study effects of different thermal conditions on a component or systems level
    • require workshops or lectures in the field of batteries to build up internal competence.

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    Anton Nytén
    Anton Nytén
    Technology Director, Battery Technology