Digitalization and IoT by Etteplan MORE

Digitalization and the internet of things bring intelligence to your device and new earnings potential to your business

Etteplan MORE (part of Etteplan Group), specializes in the engineering and technical realization of digital solutions that support business. Our services cover the solution’s entire life cycle, from service design to further development. At Etteplan MORE, digitalization begins with intelligent device design and is refined into value-adding e-services that promote business.

Integrations and integration partnership

We take care of all our customers’ systems integrations. Integrations may be within internal systems, but data can also be transmitted to the systems of external partners. The data to be integrated can be retrieved from IT systems and work machines alike.

We use several commercial and open-source code integration platforms. We have also developed our own integration platform. Our platform is efficient and scalable, which means it can also handle larger data transfers simultaneously. Thanks to its fault-tolerant architecture, the transfer of data is not compromised even if the device or system fails.

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Mobile apps

We have developed mobile apps for the service business needs of various sectors, such as health care and industry. The applications are realized with platform-neutral technologies, which means they can be used with Android, iOS and Windows platforms alike. We can also create native apps for various device platforms.

Mobile apps are an important component of our overall IoT solutions, as mobile technology plays a prominent role in managing devices that are connected to the internet. Our experts’ comprehensive knowledge guarantees that the complete solution provided to the customer is implemented smoothly and efficiently.

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Service design

We can link data from the depths of machinery to the cell phones of maintenance personnel and utilize it to create significant business value.

We build intelligent user interfaces on top of embedded systems and brilliant services on top of IoT data, as well as efficient digital services, software solutions and mobile applications. We take business targets, end-user needs and technological potential into account. Our solutions are a combination of first-rate user experience design, engineering expertise and agile software development.

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Together with our customers, we create new business opportunities and build web services to support them, keeping costs in check. Our service platform offers a multi-channel e-services and sales portal solution that lends itself well to different business and customer-service needs. Our web services that operate on top of these include online shops, portals, extranets and automatic service channels.

We make your customers’ online experience smooth and pleasant. This will both increase your sales and reinforce your competitive edge.

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Industrial internet

We provide our customers with industrial internet and IoT end-to-end solutions: we create devices, mine data out of them and forward the data to cloud and e-services. The collected data is saved, processed and analyzed, as well as reported forward in the desired format.

With our solutions, devices can be monitored remotely and the data they generate can be used effectively to develop and foster business.

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Product data management

We provide our customers with product data management solutions that help companies to centrally manage their products and services in a single system. With our solutions, product data remains in order, and picking data from various sources and distributing it to the different channels is effortless. The separate management of product data boosts operations in cases where the goal is to have data added to products, either by the user or automatically, or if the product data is to be used in different channels, such as in ERP systems, the systems of customers or partners, online shops, brochures, mobile apps and social media.

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