Production test solutions

Better quality and productivity

Production testing brings better quality and productivity. It ensures that the production process goes as planned and that the products to be manufactured meet the requirements set for them. Using the measurement data collected during testing, the production process can be made more efficient and the product itself even better.

High-quality production testing pays itself back in lower production costs and better profitability. Etteplan’s testing experts always work in co-operation with product development, which produces the best possible outcome: a product that is easy to manufacture and test, and a reliable testing solution.

Spare parts service for production testers

Etteplan delivers production tester spare parts to factories globally. We have the most common tester spare parts in stock and the rest we order from our trusted suppliers.

Fill in the form below to inquire about tester spare parts. We will then provide you a quotation with prices and preliminary delivery time.

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Procket platform for automatized and cost-efficient testing

Our testers are either fully tailored or make use of ready product platforms. Etteplan’s Procket testing platform offers cost-effective and optimized testing solutions for different types of products and manufacturing volumes. The advantage of the system is that, as manufacturing volumes increase, the customer can gradually switch to more automated and efficient testers in a way that makes use of the previous investment. Thanks to interchangeable product adapters, product-specific investment costs are lowered, as the same measuring devices and other general-use components of the testing system can be used in many products.

Real-time monitoring with WATS

The WATS service allows the customer to monitor key production figures in real time. It compiles and analyzes the test results automatically. Real-time monitoring and analysis brings to light production bottlenecks, thus making it possible to identify and correct problems that may affect yields. Production efficiency improves and quick action can be taken if potential problems arise.

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