Software solutions by Etteplan MORE

Smart solutions improve your business - we are your partner whenever software is needed between the idea and the world. We succeed together with our customers, through the production of carefully implemented digital end-to-end solutions. We are your trusted partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your service, from service design up to solution delivery and maintenance of your critical systems. Our extensive experience covers the fields of manufacturing industry, retail, payments, logistics and automotive-related services, and as curious experts we learn fast new.

Digital end-to-end solutions

We create software solutions and digital services that support your business, from the early spark of your service to maintenance of your critical systems. We can create the whole package, or only the needed parts. Our goal is not to develop software that only meet the customer requirements, but also to exceed them.

Customized software development ensures that you get the best benefit from your software. We offer services for the entire lifecycle of a digital solution.


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Mobile Development

Mobile development enables unlimited opportunities to enhance your business and the service is usable regardless of time or place. We implement user-friendly mobile solutions according to your needs, with the most recent technologies. Native, cross-platform or hybrid? Whatever is the implementation technology, the mobile solution will be easy to use.

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IoT Solutions

Our business-oriented IoT solutions are tailored according to the client’s business needs and industry requirements. Do you want to reduce costs, increase revenue stream or create an entirely new business? Business-orientated IoT solutions by Etteplan MORE are tailored according to the client’s business needs and industry requirements.


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Application Management

We manage your critical applications. You can focus on your core business. After launching business critical applications they need continuous support and maintenance. In case of an application or system failure, the root causes need to be identified and fixed instantly in order not to endanger customer satisfaction and revenue.

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