Creating a content strategy for your technical documentation

Well planned is half done


Managing your technical information and keeping it updated in all documents  can be a huge challenge. There are a lot of methods, systems and approaches on the market. It is often hard to understand the differences between them and know what is best for your needs.

Etteplan has extensive experience from different methods  and has applied technical documentation tools and processes in multiple industries and organizations. As a system independent partner we  help you analyze your information processes, data structures, infrastructure and requirements and guide to you to the best solutions. Furthermore we help you deliver technical documentation that adds value to your product.

Our plan is simple and it focuses on quick return on investment:

  • Needs assessment
  • Development of  a content strategy
  • Development of an information model
  • Detailed plan for data conversion and migration

Our services include development of a customized action plan for moving from traditional to topic-based production and publishing. This can be done stepwise.  

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