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Etteplan helps you create, manage and publish your technical documentation in support of your product development, where we ensure that installation, user and maintenance manuals and other forms of technical publications can be shipped with your products on time.

Technical documentation by Etteplan:

  • Meets and exceeds the regulatory requirements (e.g. EU Directives, FDA)
  • Is delivered at the lowest possible cost
  • Improves the user experience and after-market / service business

We are able to achieve these results by applying simplification and structure to content, which we like to call the Etteplan Model for Technical Documentation. They include Simplified Technical English (STE), Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI) and Structure (XML).

Simplified Technical English

Simplified Technical English, a method used for ensuring clarity in technical information to achieve safe product use, but to also create efficiency and quality assurance in the process of creating, translating and managing technical information.

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Simplified Technical Illustrations

In order to enhance the user experience, optimize reuse, deliver dynamic and interactive illustrations and animations, and to allow publication on various devices, we apply a method we call Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI).

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Thanks to the application of (XML) structure, we are not only able to optimize the reuse of content making technical documentation more cost efficient, we're also able to efficiently manage the translation and printing processes, and publish to multiple publication formats, including PDF, tablets, smart phones and Augmented Reality.

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