Ensure an optimal cost structure for your products

Webinaari - Päivämäärä: 11.06.2020 - Time (CET): 13:00-13:30 CET
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In today’s highly competitive market for electronics products, continuous awareness of the product cost is one of the key elements for success.  Since the original launch of a product the world may have changed, resulting in challenges in competitiveness. The product may have features that do not create enough additional value to the end customer to justify the added costs that they generate, or there can be sub-optimal design solutions left in the design due to e.g. launch urgency. Overall, the market situation changes over time so it's important to make sure that the product’s competitive advantage is kept at a good level. And there is way to solve this.

Ensure an optimal cost structure for your products 

Join the webinar to hear from Etteplan and Scanfil experts how we have successfully helped our customers decrease their product cost while at the same improving its value to the end user.



  • Strategies for cost optimization 
  • Identifying non-value adding product features
  • The process of cost optimisation 
  • Q&A


Jonne Eilimö,
Sales Manager, Software and Embedded Solutions Etteplan Finland

Reijo Kalenius
Development Manager Scanfil

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Tero Leppänen
Tero Leppänen
Director, Software & Embedded Solutions